Friday, February 6, 2015

work in progress- mini albums

I've been so busy working on projects that I haven't gotten on here to show finished ones in a few days. The biggest project which is taking up most of my time is prepping for the big trip we are taking at the end of the school year. This trip will be celebrating a first birthday, anniversary, and the begining of summer. For each kid I am making their own mini album for each park: legoland, universal, and disney. For my youngest son I had already made his super mini album for meeting supers at universal. You can see it HERE. 

This is a lot of what the albums look like for now. I started off doing mass cutting of the bases out of cereal boxes to make them more sturdy and last longer than what a mini album would if it was made ouf of just cardstock.

This is a more updated picture of the process. I still have some backgrounds to cut out and then the final peices will start to come together for these albums.

Also I am in a card swap group, and we decided to get it back up and starting after a few month hiatus. While the cards aren't completely done and I won't be showcasing them till after they are mailed out, I will give you a preview now, since it is also a work in progress.

Now to see some other people that have stuff going on that is a work in progress go Here. ( this link is a wed. weekly workin in progress link up. you never know what you will find... it is all family friendly though.)

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