Tuesday, February 3, 2015

pocket scrapbooking- project life

I love pocket scrap booking for so many reasons. I also love the pre-made cards for it that are made by several companies but probably the most widely known by Becky Higgins's project life.

Many people are a hobbyist when it comes to scrap booking their life, or life is so busy they just don't get a lot of time to scrapbook. It is in those moments I find that pocket scrap booking works so well. I am also a fan of it for vacations, special outings where literally hundreds of pictures are taken.

 This was a birthday that somehow got missed on being scrap booked. So while I was going through albums to see what was missing I simply grabbed a few page protectors along with cards I have made, and some project life cards and slapped it together. There are a few spots where my perfection isn't happy, and there is a word that is misspelled I noticed now, that I need to go in and squeeze in the missing letter.
Despite those couple flaws though I am extremely happy with out the event turned out, and it took me minutes instead of hours to put together. (now the hand made cards took some time, but they had already been made.) ***this is just two pages of that event, there were at least 2 more.****

the 2  4x6 cards on the second page were not made by me, but received in a pocket scrap booking swap group. you can check them out from my blog. ( look down the right side panel.)

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