Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Month in Review

Hello wonderful readers. It is has been a fun and interesting 2015 so far for my house. Due to me disapearing for a few weeks I wanted to do a febuary in review to let you know that I am still here, but due to several things I had a hard time getting on here to post stuff.

Febuary was filled with fun, togetherness, new adventures and sickness. I will start with  the layout below.

My friend that is a Close To My Heart consultant has a group that gets together monthly. For that group she designs a layout for them to do. She has not seen the movie frozen but wanted to do a frozen like layout, and her group wanted a valentine's day layout. So she offered me the paper to make my own if I designed the layout. The cutting out of this layout 12 times and assembling the people became VERY time consuming. It was needless to say a learning experience. (this layout will have a post of its own over the next few days.

The same friend from the layout adventure has a friend that had to rehome a guinea pig. Which both of my boys have been wanting a guinea pig. So after talking it over, and the decision finally being put on me, I decided to let them get it. While she is not time consuming and super sweet, I have been making her a priority so she becomes used to all the family members.

Valentine's day! So with my oldest son having autism, we get respite care through a program for up to 40 hours a month. We recently had to temproarily say bye to our provider and have been working to get a schedule going with our new one. So date night has been pretty non exsistant this month. So it was a nice treat to go out the day before Valentine's day. This is typically a holiday we don't celebrate, but you will be hearing more about that with a layout in the next few days awell.

Last there has been sickness. It started with my youngest son, he didn't feel good and asked his friend's mom if he could come home and puked on the way home. He had a slight fever but was then fine. The roommate then shortly after got something that caused all kinds of bathroom time. * I was lysoling my house a lot * at this time the baby started getting sick then would be fine then get sick again and then fine never having a fever during this pattern. Finally after a 2 day being fine she got a crazy fever we couldn't get to break. So it was an E.R. trip for her to get rehydrated, and tons of tests to find out it was a urinary track infection that had made its way to her bladder. So This last week has been keeping a close eye on her, because her appitie had disappeared and her drinking was minimal so it looked like he would have to take her back to get fluids pumped in her again...... She has her appitie back now, and is back to her playful self. Which has allowed me back here.

I will end this with I now have a phone that will let me blog on the go with out dieing on me evertime as my phone was doing because it wasn't keeping a charge.

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