Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Love is an Open Door

So back in January I had wrote a post a bout a layout design I made for my friends monthly group that does a layout together every month. You can read that post Here.

This is the finished product of that post. It was a very simple layout, that's primary focus was using the characters from frozen. I took a picture from this valentine's day, with a picture of me and my husband when we first got together to put on this layout. The paper I used was all Close to my Heart. I  love how it cuts in the cricut and it just made a great color scheme for this layout.

The green for the background was actually chosen to give some masculinity to the layout, so at first glance when her group was putting it together they would not assume the layout was for girls only.

Here is a close up of Anna

This is Kristoff. Due to having to make him 12 times, I didn't put more detail in his eyes. Though it didn't really seem nessary as he was looking pretty good.

The door I took a marker to the cut lines to really bring out the design on the door. Unforunately when I did this that marker was drying up on me so the lines are some what faded, though this has grown on me.

These hearts are made out of the New Close to my Heart paper called -   Confetti     You can garentee to get this paper from a consultant untill June.

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