Saturday, January 17, 2015

work in progress

So Saterdays is going to be the days I show you what I am working on. Since having a busy life full of kids acitivites sometimes it takes longer than a mom would like to get something done that is more hobby/ free time based.

Today I am sharing a tissue cozy that I am making for my younger son's kindergarden class.
Once I am done with it I will show you the finished product with the alterations I made to the pattern I am going off of. This is going to be a peice of birthday cake.

The pattern I found that I am going off of you can get Here.
***** The pattern uses a specific type of tissue box (target's up and up) which is slightly smaller than a puffs box. I specifically got a puffs box to make this since it is likely that is the typical tissue box donated to the class.

There was a free pattern from Micheals floating around that is a cake cozy for the long rectangular tissue boxes but the links that I have found have no longer worked. So I am planning on getting a box and making a pattern of dessert for it that isn't cake! =)

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