Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Using up your stash blog hop- New Year Full of Memories

A New Year Full of New Memories - use up those jars you have in your stash to create a memory jar. Write down a good memory each day and at the end of the year, take a moment to read back over your memories. Don't have a jar, use a box or a canister or whatever you have in your stash. 
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Today I am showcasing the card box by Close to my heart turned in to a memory "jar". While there are probably plenty of actual jars I could have done for this project I found using a box that was sitting around waiting to be created on as a better option for using up some of my Stash!

Now as you can see the title memories is on this box. While my kids are all about having a memory jar right now, it may be that in a year or two thats not so much the thing. That being the case I wanted this box to look cute but be able to be used for more than a memory jar if it proves to be a phase in my household.

The lettering of memories if you look closely you will see it is purple and gold with a shimmer. This is because I used my Silks acrylic paints. I fell in love with these and the twinkling H2O's at a Ck convention two years ago. Incase you are not familiar with these paints I have a You tube video here, introducing them and showing you a little on how you can use them. ( I am not the person in the video.)

For the inside of the box I painted a layer of Gesso on it, to make it easier to apply Twinkling H2O's to it in a fun matching pattern later on. ( I wasn't able to paint it yet, due to letting it dry, and deciding on the design to make.

For the rest of the box, I used the retired Close to my Heart Dotty for You campaign paper, alternating two prints from it. I also used Black shimmer trim tape, and some flourished sparkles.

Now the stamped images I inked in two different inks to get their two toned aged effect. one was with Petal and cashmere, and the other was sweet leaf and cashmere. ( all close to my heart inks.) Lastly the flowers are from a Tim Holtz ribbon, that I simply cut them off of, and adhered them to the box.

While this is going to be perfect for a year of memories, it can also be great for keeping photo memories in. 

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  1. Love it Tabitha. Thanks for the tutorial about the paint you used on the letters. A little bling, yea!!

  2. Cute memory box, Tabitha! And the tutorial is great!

  3. I love your card box. What a great way to hold your memories for the year and you can stash a bit more then paper. Fabulous. :)