Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Super Hero Mini Album/ Autograph book

One of the few theme parks I have yet to take the kids to is Universal. This is like a must with boys if for no other reason than all the super heroes being there! The time has come right after school lets out to finally go, and they don't know. =)

My youngest son is all about super heroes, while his brother has started liking a few, my youngest is my super hero buff. So this trip is kind of for him. To make it extra special for him, I made him a super hero photo/ autograph book.

He was also completely envious and jealous that I met Iron man. Due to the event I was at that night I also have a picture of a zombie attacking me. He was convinced that Iron man saved me.

So Lets get looking at this mini album I made for what I am sure is going to be an awesome couple of days for him. Now as you look at this you will see that it is plain in a few spots. This is due to me not knowing at this moment which super heroes we will get to see. I did put in spiderman and the hulk only because they are his 2 favorite so even if he can't meet them they will be a great addition. I also did not put in the spots for the autographs because I don't want the album ruined on our trip so I will be keeping the card stock on hand for them to sign at the park. 

This is the retired super hero paper by Close to My Heart. The mini album base is also Close to my heart. I liked it because it has magnets in it to keep it closed. As you can see I already made it thick enough that it doesn't want to shut! 

 The strip of paper and little saysing are from the top strip that has the brand name on it. I love that they put designs on it so its not just wasted paper.
 This was a perfect project to use up some of the rub ons that I got that went with this paper. Which I have used through out. The shooting stars, and some of the sayings were apart of that.

 As you can see I snatched a hulk sticker from my son's sticker book. Depending who he meets I may be taking more. At least he will like what I did with them.

The my Hero was a part of the Rub ons that complimented the super hero paper. 

The photo corners were pop dotted up with 3d foam tape so I can insert a picture later. Its the perfect size for a 4x4. 

Look for a follow up on this album in June. I will be posting it finished with autographs/ pictures since there will be some more embelishing done to it when those are added.

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