Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Olaf Poop

While I wasn't active on my blog, I was actively at least from time to time following various blogs/ blog hops for several different things. And around christmas time an anual blog hop with a christmas movie theme was going on with lots of great SVG file freebies for following along.

One that really caught my eye was a treat bag done of frosty the snowman. At the same time as this hop, my son's kindergarden class was needing items to fill the childrens stockings in time for their christmas party. While I could have just gone and gotten candy, or some cheap toys I thought they would really enjoy the treat bags.

Now I did get the svg files of frosty that the blogger used (Check it out here). However I knew that all the kids in his class enjoy the Movie Frozen and though using olaf may prove to be more entertaining for them. So I made a smaller version of the treat bag due to the amount I needed to make (around 22). Then swapped out Frosty for Olaf and ignored putting the Christmas sign on the bags. (that was mainly due to the smaller treat bags having less space.

Then to add some fun to the bags I hunted down this snowman poop poem to put on the back .

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