Monday, January 19, 2015

New Craft Area and Product spotlight

It is amazing how quickly we can out grow a house. This house I love in so many ways, and yet I look at it at times and wonder why I didn't think of this or that when we first viewed it. Then as time has gone on and we have aquired more stuff, had people live with us, and had our family exspand it is rapidly becoming too small for our family. I am constantly finding myself to telling my mom, no don't send it there is no place to put it, or only send it if its in your way, and ill find it a home somewhere.

Well with the house becoming too small for us over the last year my crafting area went from a craft room, to a closet, to temporarily in the nursery and finally in the kitchen. 

I am actually enjoying this spot because I have a nice big window to look out, which also lets me watch the kids play while I craft. The only hang up I had was making it so I could utilize all my storage boxes while not taking up all the kitchen. (the kitchen is one of those areas where I go What was I thinking!) 

So when this scrapbox was in my facebook feed I instantly fell in love! I wasn't too thrilled with its price tag ($1,195.00) ,but for what all that this scrapbox does/has I have no problem paying that price at some point to make my crafting area more efficient while not taking up tons of space.

This and many of the other scrapboxs at the original scrapbox area great for people with limited space. I would def. suggest these to anyone that has to keep all their stuff hidden in a corner and constantly packed up because they don't have space to keep their crafting stuff out. You would be more likely to use it if it was more readily accessible. ( remind that to your husband's when they say you never use your scrap stuff!)

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