Thursday, January 15, 2015

Mommy blogs

These things come in all shapes and sizes,but 2 things always stand out to me about them.

1 typically these blogs are hilarious!

2 they always make me think of a woman with frazzled hair standing on a chair as Giants are looking down at her through a microscope as she is yelling hey you! Talk to me! I need conversation not from a toddler/preschooler!

Part of my amusement and thoughts with this is I can relate, and I've been there. It's just I've never blogged about it.

     This topic brings me to a ton of topics and specifically what am I going to do about this blog. ...................................................................................

Well curently  I don't have a specific game plan for my blog, as I am no longer a consultant of Close to my heart for the main reason of Time. When I was having problems getting on here to post, I was also having problems getting time to be creative, and shower lovely people with the lovely products. So at least in this point in my life that needed put aside. I have thought on it though and looking at all that is in my life, it may at most only be a hobby for me later on in life.

I think to shed light on why it would only be a hobby I would have to share with you the daily stressors I carry. I have often been asked how do i do it all with a smile on my face and not even look stessed... My responce: These were the cards I was given and the life I know, just because its not perfect or easy is no reason to get my panties in a knot. You have to go with the flow, or get stessed out fighting the current.

There is a study I would like to share with you that was shaed on a blog I love.Go check out the stress level of mom's of kids with autism here. This study I have read before and both then and now I think this is accurate stress level for any mom with a child with disabilities, not just autism.

If you haven't gone to that blog yet, I wanted to let you know that they daily post about free and on sale apps that are educational and help with a variety of different things.

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