Sunday, January 18, 2015


While I am far from an expert on crocheting one thing I want to do to my blog as I revamp it is make some info easily available for my readers.

The reason I started crocheting actually had a lot to do with the lack of free time I had after having my daughter. While I would have moments to myself, I was finding they weren't enough for most of the crafts I like to do. Also I really needed to get some organizing done after moving my. Craft area twice! That had resulted in a major crafting block.

On top of the lack of time I was constantly seeing cute/fun things that are crocheted that in my head I kept saying, it would be nice if I could just make that myself. So I grabbed the crochet basics and beyond class from craftsy while it was on sale and started practicing after ALL the kids were in bed (husband included of course!)

Everyone learns differently, and sometimes pictures are enough. So I am going to be sharing how to guides as well as cool patterns I find/ have used. 

Meanwhile, I will say that if you aren't currently crafty but want to be or you are wanting to pick up a new craft check out craftsy. Over the last year I've watched them majorly exspand what they have classes on. I tend to be cheap when it comes to stuff like that, so I will tend to wait for them to put classes on sale unless I really feel I have to have it right then.

Click the image to check out their site. They actually have a sale going on right now on their classes.

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