Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A year has come and gone

It has been almost a year since I have posted on here. Almost a year since I time and time again tried to keep my creative posts active, but active for reasons that were not truely passionate to me.

As people grow they change. As these changes occur their desires and needs also change. The world of arts and crafts has always been close to my heart, and yet over the last year it seems like it was one of the farthest things from me. This was and wasn't a choice, as some was due to circumstance, as well as a crafting block.  So as this block was deeply put in to place, and road blocks got put up I sat back and enjoyed some books knowing that the time would only be temporary.

I have hopes for the new year and my blog, as well as for my arts and crafts. To ensure that I can achieve these goals I have already started doing a lot of stuff. One thing is a deep comb through of years and years of  photos. This includes deleting duplicates, getting everythign in an organized folder system, and backing them up on both shutterfly and an external hard drive. With this I have also gone through crafting pdf's and svg files, organized them and put them in my dropbox and external hardrive for safe keeping.

So I am going to be going through my blog over the next few days and making it more appropriate for the now.  And for now I am going to leave you with something cute that has been more important than posting on here.

She is the reason I stopped posting, and what some of my crafts at least for a little while got put on hold.Not the only reason but one of them, and def. my favorite reason.

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