Friday, January 30, 2015

spread your wings and fly

So I did this layout going off of a sketch the scraptastic club has up for a sketch challenge.

This is the sketch to go off of. 

This is my version. The background paper is Heidi Swapp paper that you can spray or daub with color to have the embossed images show. 
 Here I took some random sparkles that were on my desk and randomly attached some.
Then I put the same sparkles on the arrow. The film strip on the sides of the 4x6 photo are stickers from Close to my heart. 

To check out other layouts done with this sketch and what the challenge is all about go Here to see the scraptastic club's blog post with it.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Darth Vader in legoland

So while I haven't finished my legoland trip layouts and thats one of my goals for this year, I actually got to making this based on inspiration from this post. The layout in it was simple and based of a card sketch that is linked up to the sketches post.

There are some very talented designers at This Blog that do the sketch challenges. While I am playing catch up with many things, I thought what a great way to help prevent from having a crafting block than to participate in their sketch challenges.

Since it was a card, I just did a one page spread for now. This may get a page 2 added to it later.

Some of these cuts I got Here, which are Free for the taking. The woman that cut these is very talented, and while her blog is no longer up and active I was very happy that her cuts are still up and available. I have used several of them and can say that I haven't had an issue with any of them when cutting.

This is the card sketch this is based off of. While I was late catching it and getting in on linking up my Layout I still wanted to take the time to share it, and share what others did with this sketch. So head over  and check out some other people's creations. Click Here

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Work in progress wed. link up

There is a fellow blogger that I read regularly from my email, and on wed. she focuses on a project she is in the middle of working on, and encourages her readers to share.

spider man Afghan

This is currently one of many work in progresses for me. Its the biggest one which is why I figured I would share it since it won't be done in a few days like others. It is big enough now that it would work for the baby but it is for my 6yr old. When it is finished there will be black lines going to the center to form a spiderweb. I am following a pattern, which says the ruffling will fade as it gets bigger. If it doesn't I plan to go in to the pattern and adjust it some for if I make this blanket again. Thankfully it is for a 6yr old that will not care about that type of imperfection and already loves it.

To check out the others joining the link up go HERE to read her post for today.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Shark Week

If you couldn't tell with some stuff I am playing catch up.which I am happy to say that I have been making some good progress on the catch up game.The key with catching up is def not just making scrapbook pages but getting the pictures on them and the journaling done.Thats a toughie since I have a bad habit of making the layouts before the pictures are printed, or before I even know what I want to use it for.

So my oldest son loves sharks, which has made shark week a must in our house. While jaws and sharknado is great for entertainment, we actually go to our shark books and the discovery channel for more educational stuff on sharks over that week.

The shark that I have cut out was a free cut from Circut last year during shark week. I then took oil pastels, liquid glass and liquid applicaque to make the water. I used wooden arrows from Studio Calico to point out his shark slippers.  Then to give the layout a little something I sewed on the journaling and put some burlap behind part of the title. 

The oil pastels was done by coloring on in a scribbling manner with a few shades of blue then blending them with my finger. The liquid glass was drawn on in a few spots to give it that watery shine and help emphasize waves. The liquid applique is the white stuff to represent foam. 
 A close up of the sewing

Monday, January 26, 2015

Disney on Ice

Every year we go to Disney on Ice. Which means in some ways we have a lot of repeated liked pictures.
I have one album of Toy Story Disney on ice which is a 12x12 album. With so much of them being similar I decided to make my Disney on ice albums 9x9. This lets them be distinct on the shelf as well as focusing on the pictures and fun.

This layout was definitely using up my stash. It consists of the scraps I had left from my Close to my Heart Skylark paper. Some leftover close to my heart canvas numbers that I colored with a honey colored marker.

Then I used My Heidi Swapp stencil and Mr. mister to make the stars in the top right corner. The wooden stars are from Studio Calico. The writing I chose to do in the pink for two reasons. 1 it was the only alphabet set next to me that had all the letters I needed at a glance, and 2 this was a princess Disney on ice show (mainly Rapunzel) so it went with the theme that will be seen through out.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Love is an open door

While I haven't cut this yet, I wanted to share a valentine's layout that I am making.

the Letter will be written on with my Cricut explore. Then the pink and orange squares and rectangles will be printed paper photo mats.

While I would have loved to put hans by the door since it was him and Anna who sang the song, I didn't have a file of him on hand that was a full body image. So I would have had to done busts of him and Anna or whip up an image of him.

With this being a valentine's layout though I find that Christoff is more appropriate since in the end those two did start to fall for each other. Keep an eye out for when I post the finished layout of this.

Disney Autograph book Part 2

A few days ago I wrote about personalizing your disney autographs, and I shared some of the autograph pages fellow disney fanatics have made and shared for all who find them to enjoy. This is simply me shareing more with you. You may noticed this batch is themed to the princesses. If there is one you want to see that isn't on here, please leave a comment and I'll put it up with the next batch if I have it/find it.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Free SVG Files

Today you can get your hands on some FREE SVG files!

Simply follow the SVG cutting files and jaded blossom blog hop that is happening today. 

The theme of the hop is scrapbooking, So the svg files can range alot in this paticular hop. To Participate simply start by going to Candace's Blog, and follow in instructions that are listed in the hop on how to get the free SVG Files. Its that easy, and you will be able to get some great ideas along the way.

Here is some eye candy for you, for the day!

This layout was made for the April 2014 Chick fil a autism 5k, that my son his sped teacher and theapists did together. Then afterwards I took him to target. While this is a one page layout I pondered adding a second page which would have his runner number paper on it, or take this page and frame it. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Disney Autograph book part 1

The disney autograph books you can buy at the park def. get the job done. And you can alway pull out or scan those autographs to add them to scrapbooks/ mini albums later. Making your own is so personal and gives it a little extra touch. Which with the digital age its also super easy to do just this.

Now you can make all your cards ahead of time and have the characters sign them for you to then use the cards later. ( Sizing on this is important because with the characters in their authentic attire it can be hard for them to sign the card. I would suggest to make it a 4x6 size minimum... while bigger is easier for some characters, they are used to having around that size to sign on. So keep that extra big pen handy for them.)

Are you a digital scrapbooker? If so check out Capturing Magic. It is a disney scrapbooking oriented site, that focuses on digital scrapbooking. Not only do they have some awesome images, you can get some free autograph cards by signing up as a follower to their site. Also the link I attached shows you how to have the characters sign your phone so you can take the image and insert it to your cards for scrapbooking!

Below are some cards that other disney fanatics have made and shared on disney forums for others to use on their trips. If you search around on photobucket you can find the makers of some of these cards, since thats where most of them have posted the cards at.

Keep an eye out for more of these autograph cards! This is  just a few that I have found and grabbed.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Using up your stash blog hop- New Year Full of Memories

A New Year Full of New Memories - use up those jars you have in your stash to create a memory jar. Write down a good memory each day and at the end of the year, take a moment to read back over your memories. Don't have a jar, use a box or a canister or whatever you have in your stash. 
“If you are joining us for the "Use Your Stash Blog Hop" you are right on track. WELCOME! You should be coming from Janet’s Blog.

If you get lost along the way you can see the entire list of hoppers on Janet’s Blog. Let's get started.
Today I am showcasing the card box by Close to my heart turned in to a memory "jar". While there are probably plenty of actual jars I could have done for this project I found using a box that was sitting around waiting to be created on as a better option for using up some of my Stash!

Now as you can see the title memories is on this box. While my kids are all about having a memory jar right now, it may be that in a year or two thats not so much the thing. That being the case I wanted this box to look cute but be able to be used for more than a memory jar if it proves to be a phase in my household.

The lettering of memories if you look closely you will see it is purple and gold with a shimmer. This is because I used my Silks acrylic paints. I fell in love with these and the twinkling H2O's at a Ck convention two years ago. Incase you are not familiar with these paints I have a You tube video here, introducing them and showing you a little on how you can use them. ( I am not the person in the video.)

For the inside of the box I painted a layer of Gesso on it, to make it easier to apply Twinkling H2O's to it in a fun matching pattern later on. ( I wasn't able to paint it yet, due to letting it dry, and deciding on the design to make.

For the rest of the box, I used the retired Close to my Heart Dotty for You campaign paper, alternating two prints from it. I also used Black shimmer trim tape, and some flourished sparkles.

Now the stamped images I inked in two different inks to get their two toned aged effect. one was with Petal and cashmere, and the other was sweet leaf and cashmere. ( all close to my heart inks.) Lastly the flowers are from a Tim Holtz ribbon, that I simply cut them off of, and adhered them to the box.

While this is going to be perfect for a year of memories, it can also be great for keeping photo memories in. 

Now hop on over to Shirley's Blog for more ideas of using up your stash.