Friday, September 20, 2013

Using up your stash Blog hop- Diecuts and Cricut cuts

If you are joining us for the "Use Your Stash Blog Hop" you are right on track. WELCOME! You should be coming from Judy'sBlog.

There are 6 participants this month. If you get lost along the way you can see the entire list of hoppers on Rachel's Blog. Let's get started.

Today I am showcasing Cricut cuts specifically using cricut cuts as templates for making multi media layouts.

 I started off by cutting out these words. While I am using them for my title I just cut them in white cardstock because they weren't remaining on the page.
 Before placing the words on to the paper how I wanted them I first applied a small about of blue glue to the backs of them and let it turn clear so they would temporarily stick to the cardstock with out ripping it. I then used re-inker in a spray pen with alcohol to spray over the words.
 I then cut a bunch of cogs out that were welded together before they were cut. Once those are stuck to the paper I rubbed a layer of gesso over them. Then I removed the template and allowed it to dry.
 As you can see those cogs look very different!! I took Twinkling H2O paints lightly over the area, to give it a rusty look. As you can see there is a purplish red metalic/glitter hue through out.
I ended with this. The metal piece on the burlap was painted with Tim Holtz crackle paint. It wasn't fully dried in this picture to show the crackle effect.

I love that using my cricut is not just for cutting shapes and titles to to adhere to my layouts, but it is a cheaper route to have a wide variety of templates. The words are now nicely colors and stowed away to use for another project. I had cleaned off the gesso off the cog template so it could also be reused.

Thank you for checking out my project, please leave a comment and tell me what you thought.
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  1. This was great, talk about thinking outside the box.

  2. VERY good idea for using those things that didn't make it to the project originally. :)