Monday, September 16, 2013

Mixed Media Mash Up!- CKC Jacksonville

First Class of the day!

To start off I was taking this class with my friend Susie. Also the class was at 10 a.m., this time is a big deal because it was perfect in every way. It allowed us to get our kids to school, and not have to rush to get down to the convention......... also this should have allowed plenty of time to get coffee in our system.

HA! well my husband's wallet got stolen 2 days before this, so he called me when I was on my way down asking me if I had found it yet.. my responce, "um no, let me just turn around now and spend the rest of the day doing that!" (can you feel the sarcasm dripping off my lips as steam shoots out my ears.)

That was needless to say enough of a distractor that the coffee didn't get finished but was in tow. Then I did early access to the vendor show/fair/ section.... It was soooo much to take in at once half out of it that I then got all disoriented about the time... thinking our class started at 10:30.

After much debate we got to the class at 10:17, which was too late to be put in for the goodies from the class, and caused us to do some rushing to catch up on the layout but working together we managed to pull it together....... Did I mention that somehow my paper cutter didn't get packed!!!
 This is the entire finished product. We used some nifty markers that have india ink in them on the canvas. (they did that as we showed up so I literally just scribbled on mine and spritzed fast. Which is evident and had I slowed a little despite the scribbling I could have blended it better. but it is a photo mat so I wasn't worried)
 Also we used on the left edge a fabric template, and some gelletos on the top of the page. You can't forget the huey mister over the "trust your heart" template. Lastly on this page we used some Gesso with a template to get that white round bumpy circle.
This page is incomplete for 2 reasons... 1 no photos, I haven't got that far, and probably won't till the pieces that were missing from the kit get here, which is the other thing. So the cardboard and burlap have gesso on them. The blue pieces were done with the gelletos and then misted and swirled around with my finger. This is the same for the yellow and pink one, only difference there is if you look at the pink. I applied a lil more gelleto to it as we were leaving to mist later. Unfortunately it dried before I could mist it make it hard to smooth out. (Just means those are on my shopping list!)

Instructions/ Supplies

Because I did not design this layout and I am not affiliated with the products or the people that made the layout I am not putting the instructions on how to do this on here. IF you are interested in the instructions for this layout which comes with a full list of the products used please Contact Me. I do have a copy of the instructions which I scanned for archival purposes. This layout could easily be done with a combination of CTMH products mixed with the multi media tools, if you want tips on how to make that happen, just ask. =)

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