Friday, September 20, 2013

Big Idea Festival -day 2

Big Picture Classes

Day 2's challenge I chose the list of my favorite school supplies to shop for. Which due to my love for art supplies ever since I was little, I figured pictures of stuff I had made went well with this. The photo in the middle was actually a photo shoot I did in the snow. 

What is the Big Picture Class? Go Here to my first post about the big Idea festival where I have explained Big Picture Classes. They have many free classes that can help stir your creativity, some of these have even been done by Close to my Heart. 

***Note that each day I am showing you only one of the lists that were used in the class. I did however save the lists so I could use them all. There is an e-book on the big Picture Class that has all the lists and then some in them and it is reasonably priced.***

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