Monday, August 26, 2013

Scrappers Wanted!!

Pocket Scrap booking in a world of CTMH

As you know I am a close to my heart consultant. You may also know that I offer kits and workshops giving you the ability to get your scrap booking done with out having to think up your own design for your layout.(since so many of us just don't have time for that!This also negates the "I'm not creative/crafty" problem.)

You may have heard of BH's (Becky Higgins) scrap booking line called Project Life. (if you haven't please check out the link.) The system has hit the stores with a force, and I have noticed that this type of scrap booking is being referred to as project life scrapping more than its more generic name..... pocket scrap booking. This type of scrap booking is not new, but it is new to being popular.

This system allows a person to focus on the everyday life. This allows you to redirect your scrap booking, and do it quickly focusing on the important stuff. The ideology is you always have something to remember, and if you focus on it in an everyday manner there is no forgetting when you go to preserve the memories. 

Remembering the everyday has become a popular thing, as it is often seen when using smash albums or the Close to my Heart's My crush album

Over the next few weeks and specifically the month of September I will be doing some focusing on creating Pocket Scrap booking type "layouts" using Close to my Heart products. To show you that you can use up the stash in your house to create quick and simply great layouts using a system that allows you to preserve your memories fast!

This is not my own, I chose this image to share with you for the simple layout it shows of how to  use journal  cards., and filler cards that you make yourself with photos to make a pocket scrapbook layout. This image I found Here.


I will be offering a workshop to do what I will be doing. I will put instructions with the kit, paper needed and the page protectors. This kit will be $10. If you know you definitely want this kit please Contact Me. Otherwise keep a look out on my blog for more info on this kit and how to purchase it.

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