Wednesday, August 28, 2013

laughing lola day

The month of August is almost to a close, but I still have a layout to show you that I did With the Laughing Lola Paper. 

As you can see this was a very simplistic layout. This was done for 2 reasons. The first to make sure the layout did not look too busy and let the layout be more about the pictures. The second reason was by the time I made this layout I was quickly running out of the Laughing Lola paper so by making less more I got more layouts out of this paper in the end.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Scrappers Wanted!!

Pocket Scrap booking in a world of CTMH

As you know I am a close to my heart consultant. You may also know that I offer kits and workshops giving you the ability to get your scrap booking done with out having to think up your own design for your layout.(since so many of us just don't have time for that!This also negates the "I'm not creative/crafty" problem.)

You may have heard of BH's (Becky Higgins) scrap booking line called Project Life. (if you haven't please check out the link.) The system has hit the stores with a force, and I have noticed that this type of scrap booking is being referred to as project life scrapping more than its more generic name..... pocket scrap booking. This type of scrap booking is not new, but it is new to being popular.

This system allows a person to focus on the everyday life. This allows you to redirect your scrap booking, and do it quickly focusing on the important stuff. The ideology is you always have something to remember, and if you focus on it in an everyday manner there is no forgetting when you go to preserve the memories. 

Remembering the everyday has become a popular thing, as it is often seen when using smash albums or the Close to my Heart's My crush album

Over the next few weeks and specifically the month of September I will be doing some focusing on creating Pocket Scrap booking type "layouts" using Close to my Heart products. To show you that you can use up the stash in your house to create quick and simply great layouts using a system that allows you to preserve your memories fast!

This is not my own, I chose this image to share with you for the simple layout it shows of how to  use journal  cards., and filler cards that you make yourself with photos to make a pocket scrapbook layout. This image I found Here.


I will be offering a workshop to do what I will be doing. I will put instructions with the kit, paper needed and the page protectors. This kit will be $10. If you know you definitely want this kit please Contact Me. Otherwise keep a look out on my blog for more info on this kit and how to purchase it.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Ombre!- Technique

I thought I would take a moment to share with you the ombre technique which is a wonderful way to spice up your layouts or projects using it on titling, ribbons or paper.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Laughing lola cards

Once I did several layouts with the Laughing Lola paper I noticed a bunch of scraps laying around on my table. It was from these scraps I made these two cards. I found this to be very productive since I was able to make some cute cards, but it also allowed me to utilize all the laughing lola paper minimizing what scrap pieces hit the waste bin, or went in a drawer to collect dust. (I might add that I have zero laughing lola paper left in my stash!)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Using up your Stash Blog hop- Simple card

If you are joining us for the "Use Your Stash Blog Hop" you are right on track. WELCOME! You should be coming from Judy'sBlog.

There are 6 participants this month. If you get lost along the way you can see the entire list of hoppers on Rachel's Blog. Let's get started.

Today I am showcasing a simple card that is cute but only one layer of paper. Doing this allows the card to be lighter so it is easier to ship, but it also brings back the focus of a card...... sending a message to someone.

For this card I used my Water color pencils, to give the water a more watered look, as well as coloring in the whale.To achieve the watercolor look with the pencils I colored with the pencils and then used a water brush to move the color from the pencil around similar to using a paint brush with water color paints. I then took liquid glass through out the water to give it a shiny and bumpy look.

You can see another example of using water color pencils on my blog Here, but if you go be sure to come back so you can see Shirley's blog.

Supply list:

(This list has item codes which are linked to my website to make it easier to check the prices on each item, or to make purchasing easier.)

Bitty Sparkles: Z1263
Liquid Glass: Z679
Colored pencils: 3505
Daisy White Cardstock: 1385

Now hop on over to Shirley's Blog for more ideas of using up your stash.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Loving Layouts with Laughing Lola

This was a fun layout, not only was I able to utilize the dimensional elements that go along with the Laughing Lola paper, but I was also able to minimize how much of the paper I used. In the long run this was great because I was able to make a lot more layouts using just 1 paper pack.

As you can see this layout is very much driven by the cricut. I used the Close to my Heart Artiste cricut cartridge for this layout. Then I finished up the embellishments using sparkles and the laughing Lola dimensional elements.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

August Card swap- Water color pencils

Every month a group of fellow Close to my Heart consultants come together and make 5 of the same card following a theme. This month's theme is water color pencils since they were brought back in the Autumn/winter 2013 Close to my Heart Idea Book. 

 I started off by making 4x4 card bases on my cricut, and sizing up the wrapper I made for the cards to make sure it fit perfectly. For this card and wrapper I used the Close to my Heart Artiste Cricut Cartridge. The sandals were stamped with pigment ink, and I used desert sand ink to stipple the card to give it a sandy feeling.

This is what the card looks like with the wrapper (not seen but I put bitty sparkles on the crab for his eyes). The crab was colored in with a color pencil and then I went over it with my (    ) to give him a water colored look. I did this same technique on the straps of the sandals. 

Supply List: 
(item codes are linked to the item on my website to make pricing and purchasing easier.)

Cotton Candy Card stock: X5760
Colonial white card stock: 1388
Dotty for you paper ( retired)
Water Color pencils: 3505
bitty sparkles: Z1263
edge distresser: Z1297
Texture tools (used for the stippling): Z1298
Adventure pigment mini ink pads: Z2501

Friday, August 16, 2013

Laughing Lola Workshop on the go

Workshop on the go with Laughing Lola!

This is the layout I did following the instructions in the workshop on the go. As you can see my titling "amazing" is done in a faded looking black. This is a result from using the water based black ink, or a staz on black ink pad that is dried out. For a bright strong black I would suggest using a black pigment, or a staz on jet black (so long as it isn't dried out.)

This is the alternative layout that is shown in the Laughing Lola Workshop on the go guide. I had changed a few things to it, due to I felt there were too many flowers on the layout. So I added a few more gender neutral embellishments.

Like these projects?

You can get the workshop on the go which comes with everything in the picture below for $29.95.

Order yours today on My Website!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Technique blog hop- stamping (on anything BUT paper)

Welcome to our Technique Blog Hop!  This month there are 6 of us highlighting the stamping on anything but paperThis blog hop is a great big circle so you can start wherever you want and continue through to see all the fabulous artwork incorporating this technique. 

If you are coming from Shirley's Blog, you are on the right track! 

Here is an up close picture of where I stamped on the canvas Journal and a sheet of cork.

 On the binding I attached some studs using liquid glass so they stuck on for the long journey.

This is the finished product.

For stamping on the canvas I found the pigment ink to work better on not bleeding on the canvas and staying a bright vibrant color.

Supply List: 
(the item codes are linked to my website for the ease of pricing and shopping.)

Adventure Pigment mini stamp set: Z2501
For always paper pack: X7165B
Silver shimmer trim: Z1799
Liquid glass: Z679
canvas Journal:(recently retired from the CTMH idea book)
Cork sheet

Thanks for stopping by!  Please continue onto Stephanie's Blog where you will find some additional artwork highlighting this technique!  Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you thought of my variation and happy hopping!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Digital Crop and Workshop

With the help of technology I am planning on hosting a monthly crop where we all just hang out with a device near us to chat and share our work with each other. This allows scrappers from all over to get together about something they enjoy with out distance getting in the way.

From there I would like to start incorporating this in a monthly workshop. The workshop of the month of Aug. is Laughing Lola

To join the workshop and get the recipes for the other Laughing Lola projects just order your Laughing Lola Workshop on the go From My Website. Then I will share the day at time (this digital workshops will be in the evenings based on demand I may hold one on a week night and one on a weekend night.) Also upon purchase you will receive the recipes for the other layouts I made with this kit.

Other suggested items to get when you order your Laughing Lola Workshop on the go:

Laughing Lola Dimensional Elements: X7170C
Stazon Black ink: Z888
Reel Life stamp set: B1431
Black and grey sparkles assortment: Z1754

(was used in a few layouts, but layouts could be done in alternative ways with out this)
Artbooking Cricut cartridge: Z1906

I put the cartridge separate because in a perfect world we would all be able to get it. I understand that the price on the cricut cartridge is not affordable to everyone at a whim. also that not everyone has a cricut. So for layouts that use this cartridge I will have alternative options for the layout. = )

Thursday, August 8, 2013

One Page layouts

A lot of times I start out with a two page layout making them blend together. Or I focus a layout on an event. A lot of scrap booking stuff today is focusing on the everyday, things like this that you may have heard about is project life, and the smash books. Even the Close to my Heart My Crush books. I have found not having pictures already printed, and sometimes just doing one page at a time lets me focus more on the everyday stuff, and even let me make completely unique layouts that can blend together.

For this one I used 2 of the close to my heart cricut cartridges. For the cog wheel and the banner I used the Artiste cartridge. Then for the overlay at the base of the layout I used the Arbooking cartridge. After cutting out the overlay in Daisy white, I measured the different sections with various papers from the Laughing Lola paper pack and attached them over it to  add a lot of color. Then I finished off the layout accessories with the Laughing Lola dimensional elements.

This one is very simple and allowed me to really just focus on scraps. I used the cheetah print zip strip from the Laughing Lola paper. And the embellishments were all apart of the Laughing Lola denominational elements. (the bow paper clip is actually from the laughing lola assortment)

Supply List:

Laughing Lola paper pack: X7170B
Laughing Lola Dimensional elements: X7170C
Laughing Lola Assortment: Z1854
SparklesBlack and Grey assortment: Z1754
Stazon black ink: Z888

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

update on life

Living in the south does have several advantages. It does also mean that school starts early. For me that means I haven't had tons of extra time to do EVERYTHING in a day I would like to do. =)

For my oldest son last weekend we had a pool party for this 8th birthday. As you can guess I have been working on scrapping this event. I have not yet posted anything because I am making him a mini album while I do the layouts so they are not quite ready to put up.

Meanwhile, Keep an eye out as the days continue as I will be continuing to show you some Laughing Lola layouts I made and explain how they were made.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Rockin' Heart's Team Blog Hop

Welcome to the Rockin' Heart's team blog hop.If you are coming from Shirley's Blog your on the right track. If you are just getting started, today's theme  is a Color theme: Lagoon, Honey, and Gypsy. There are 3 hoppers for this hop.

What is a blog hop?.  It is where posts on different blogs are linked together so you can hop from blog to blog in one big circle!

Let's get started! 
I am loving this color theme as it goes well with several of the new papers in the Autumn/Winter 2013 Close to my Heart Idea book. I decided to focus with the Laughing Lola paper, as it is the paper I am featuring this month. 

This layout I took the idea for it from pg. 15 in the Idea Book. In the book it was featuring the Decemeber stamp of the month set. I did not do that as I wasn't sure what photos I wanted to put on it yet. This is a great example on how the zip strips (designs on the top of the papers) can be used. Thats what the cheatah print is. 

I like this one because it's fun and simple. I did not put temporary paper on it to show where pictures go but I figured it was fairly self explaining. This was done because I had just a few scraps left of the paper, and I didn't really feel a two page layout coming out of the scraps because of the size combination, so I mixed them together to make one. This also used up the Assortment that came with the Laughing Lola workshop on the go. 

Supply List:
**This is a supply list I used to make the items, with their item code. The item code is linked to my personal website for ease of prick checking and shopping.**

Laughing Lola paper pack:X7170B
Black Ink: Z2105
Adventure mini Pigment ink set: Z2501
3d foam tape: Z1151
Color ready Accent cork shapes: Z1863
Licorice Opaques Adhesive gems: Z1335
Laughing Lola Assortment: Z1854
Laughing Lola Complements Dimensional Elements: X7170C
Slate Polka Dot Washi Tape:Z1817
Cricut Cartridge Artiste: Z1790
Stamp Set- Reel Life: B1431
Stamp Set- Honeycomb: C1537

(please note that for these two layouts some of these items were entirely used to use up something because one of the layouts was using scraps.)

Thank you for stopping by, now hop on over to Kristen's Blog.
I appreciate to read your comments, so before you go, please let me know what you think.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Featured paper of the month!

Laughing Lola

This month I am featuring the Laughing Lola paper. 

This is what the paper looks like. 

My workshop of the month will consist of 2 card designs and 10 scrapbook pages (combination of 1 and 2 page spreads). This workshop is instructions to complete the 10 pages and 2 card designs. I will automatically give these instructions to anyone who orders a Laughing Lola Workshop on the Go from me. 
These are the laughing Lola dimensional elements. These are a great addition to use along with the Workshop on the Go. ( I do use these in my workshop guide, but they are optional accessories.) Shoping code for these are:  X7170C

The image above is what you can expect in the workshop on the go (picture of it's stamp set is not shown). Below is a list of its contents. You can get yours today from my website! ( for quick finding this workshop do a search for its code: G1065

Workshops on the Go® Laughing Lola Scrapbooking Kit Contents
Laughing Lola Paper Packet
My Acrylix® Laughing Lola Workshop Stamp Set (D-size)
Cardstock Sheets (2 Black, 2 Whisper)
Laughing Lola Assortment
Black Hemp
Instructional Guide
Featured Colors: Black, Laughing Lola Gold, Laughing Lola Purple, White Daisy
Follow the included step-by-step instructions to create the two-page layout featured in the workshop guide. The layout pattern is a Jeanette Lynton original created exclusively for this workshop. Then use your remaining materials and online tips to create an additional layout, shown in the guide.
Some basic tools you may already have, such as inks, stamp blocks, or how-to books, are needed to complete these projects.
If you buy the Laughing Lola workshop on the go during the month of August, you will be put in to a drawing to win Free product of your choice ( $10 value). 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Stamp of the Month

Chocolate Affair

Now normally for this adorable stamp set you need to spend $50 to get it for $5. However this stamp set goes hand in hand with this months Campaign.. 

Sweeten the Deal

August is an especially sweet time to shop — when you place an order of $50 or more during August, you’ll receive the August Stamp of the Month set, A Chocolate Affair, FREE! This D-size stamp set with a retail value of $17.95 includes 16 images and sentiments that will have your friends salivating over your chocolatey layouts and cards. Make every project a treat with this must-have set.

The New Idea Book is here!

It is August 1st!! This means new products, and ideas. The new Autumn/Winter 2013 close to my heart Idea book is live. You can check it out and purchase from it Here.

Want some of the exclusive hostess stamps? Contact me to set up a gathering today! Don't have time for a traditional gathering in the home? That's easy, you can have an online party!