Thursday, June 13, 2013

Convention is around the corner

Convention for Close To My Heart is just around the corner!

Now while I was originally planning on going, and even had a ticket purchased, after all its just a couple hours from me I had to take time to look at my current standing. While I was still very busy with my classes to finish my B.A. (YAY!!! its done!) I was not doing enough in my craft room, or holding events/parties to justify the expenditure with the current standing my family was in for fiances ect. So While I am sad to say I am not going to convention this year despite it's location I think that it was not only a smart move on my part but it is now giving me time to work on justifying maybe going next year pending on its location.

This will NOT stop me from updating you! below are the ways I will be doing updates as I get them. That being said I clearly will not be the first to give updates as Ill be giving you updates as I read them.

Twitter: @adhesive_addict

Like last year I am sure there will be a Hashtag that is going to be used. I will announce that as it gets closer. I will do end of the day/end of convention recap here.


While i will not be able to attend the CTMH convention, there is a convention that is going to be just 30 mins. from my house, and my husband has already taken off so I can go to it... I've paid for some classes, and have my general tickets in hand (which I got for free)'s the CKC Convention! There will be 2 CTMH classes at it which I will be attending both. So you can expect to see lots of fun from this adventure here, unfortunately this will not be until Sept.

Curious about the CKC convention and all it's locations? go here

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