Monday, April 29, 2013

Workshop on the Go Cards- Avonlea

I made these cards a while back, but due to the heavy work load I had with my college classes they never made it up on here. So if you have some Avonlea paper still roaming around and not sure what to do with it, perhaps these will give you some inspiration.

These cards are based off the Card Workshop on the go for the Avonlea paper. I have marked which ones were done by the instructions in the workshop, and which ones are my own alterations from the instructions.

 Card 1 was from the instructions in the workshop.
Card 2 was also from the instructions in the workshop.

This was the 3rd card layout fromt he instructions.

This is where I started taking scraps that I had after making three sets of the 3 layouts in the workshop instructions.

This is another use of the scraps. The blue piece of paper that looks like ribbon is actually the top strip that is on the papers with the CTMH logo on one side.

Looking at this one now i can see that the bottom strip is a little crooked so I wouldn't send it out to anyone, but I like the idea/layout to the card.

If you would like any of the measurements for these card layouts to make them yourself, or to make similar with different paper you can contact me at

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