Friday, April 26, 2013

Studio J- Love your Layout

Every month Close to My Heart makes a video that is posted on You Tube to help show all the wonderful things you can do with Studio J.

What is studio J?

This is Close To My Heart's software to allow you to do digital Scrapbooking. I highly suggest this to people that are nervous about the money cost of starting traditional scrapbooking, since its an easy way to get starting in scrapbooking without out having to by tools and lots of product. I also suggest this to the person that tells me they are not crafty or do not have the time to scrapbook. Studio J can be creative for you, and if your in a hurry you can get layouts done in mere mins. When I take my time with a layout on Studio J and add a lot to it I am looking at about 30 mins, but then its done no printing pictures or anything I just wait for it to show up on my door step!

So take a look at the April Love your layout, if you want to learn more about Studio J simply go HERE.

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