Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Product Spothighlight- Double Scrubber

Taking care for your stamps is very important to allow for them to have a longevity of use. With the Close to My Heart acrylic stamps it is very easy to care for your stamps. The first reason is they come in easy to store envelopes that have their care instructions and how to instructions in the envelope with them.

The other great reason to use the Close To My Heart stamps or at least the care products is the care products are easy to use and take up such a small amount of space. The stamp scrubber was revamped for the Fall/Winter 2012 Idea book. At first I wasn't sure about it but after using this scrubber I found it makes all the difference.   

You can purchase this scrubber HERE
When this came out so did pigment inks by CTMH. The previous "double scrubber" would have had a hard time removing the pigment ink from your stamps. This scrubber however is designed to easily remove bot the water based, alcohol based and pigment based inks. It also is designed so it removes the inks but is gentle to the stamp.

If you are interested in this product you may also be interested in its partner in crime the My Acrylics Spritz cleaner.

This can be sprayed directly on the stamps, or on the scrubber. This cleaner is also great for cleaning your versamat or any hard surface in your craft area you may have gotten ink on. You can purchase the Spritz Cleaner on my website.

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