Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Product Spothighlight- Double Scrubber

Taking care for your stamps is very important to allow for them to have a longevity of use. With the Close to My Heart acrylic stamps it is very easy to care for your stamps. The first reason is they come in easy to store envelopes that have their care instructions and how to instructions in the envelope with them.

The other great reason to use the Close To My Heart stamps or at least the care products is the care products are easy to use and take up such a small amount of space. The stamp scrubber was revamped for the Fall/Winter 2012 Idea book. At first I wasn't sure about it but after using this scrubber I found it makes all the difference.   

You can purchase this scrubber HERE
When this came out so did pigment inks by CTMH. The previous "double scrubber" would have had a hard time removing the pigment ink from your stamps. This scrubber however is designed to easily remove bot the water based, alcohol based and pigment based inks. It also is designed so it removes the inks but is gentle to the stamp.

If you are interested in this product you may also be interested in its partner in crime the My Acrylics Spritz cleaner.

This can be sprayed directly on the stamps, or on the scrubber. This cleaner is also great for cleaning your versamat or any hard surface in your craft area you may have gotten ink on. You can purchase the Spritz Cleaner on my website.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Workshop on the Go Cards- Avonlea

I made these cards a while back, but due to the heavy work load I had with my college classes they never made it up on here. So if you have some Avonlea paper still roaming around and not sure what to do with it, perhaps these will give you some inspiration.

These cards are based off the Card Workshop on the go for the Avonlea paper. I have marked which ones were done by the instructions in the workshop, and which ones are my own alterations from the instructions.

 Card 1 was from the instructions in the workshop.
Card 2 was also from the instructions in the workshop.

This was the 3rd card layout fromt he instructions.

This is where I started taking scraps that I had after making three sets of the 3 layouts in the workshop instructions.

This is another use of the scraps. The blue piece of paper that looks like ribbon is actually the top strip that is on the papers with the CTMH logo on one side.

Looking at this one now i can see that the bottom strip is a little crooked so I wouldn't send it out to anyone, but I like the idea/layout to the card.

If you would like any of the measurements for these card layouts to make them yourself, or to make similar with different paper you can contact me at Adhesiveaddict@gmail.com

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dotty For you Card

There are always birthdays to send cards to, and even more so with two boys in the house. They recently had a birthday party to go to of a close friend that happens to be a little girl. Well she loves princesses and disney, and while I didn't theme the card to that, I was able to incorporate disney in to the card.

It is hard to see the details in the stamp set I used in the card, but as you can see it is a castle. The banner under it says dreams do come true. This was an exclusive Close To My Heart stamp set given to consultants at convention in DisneyLand. (This year convention is going to be in DisneyWorld!)

Tickets are still available for Convention to DisneyWorld, if you would like to go to be apart of a couple days of crafting fun and get great information on how to make your business soar you can sign up as a consultant today! Go HERE for more information on becoming a consultant and where to sign up.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Feild Trip to the Beach

My Youngest son goes to a morning school, and each week they work on a certain letter. Well a couple weeks ago they were on the letter W. Since we live so close to the beach they decided to have all the three year old classes have a feild trip to the beach to see the Waves, in the Water and to see if they seen any other words that began with W.

In this layout I used the Clemitine paper, and their canvas assortment compliments. I used the cricut Artiste for the title, and before I put anything down on the base of the layout I sprayed it with colonial white ink with my spray pen. The two pieces of sobert cardstock (the pinkish peices) I took sandpaper to.

The baseline format of this layout can be found in the Make it from your Heart Vol.1
If you are an instagram junkie like myself this layout is a super easy way to scrap your instagram photos.

Supply List:

Clementine paper pack- X7156B
Clementine compliments canvas shapes - X7156C
Burlap Ribbon- Z1760
 Baker's Twine Neutral Assortment-Z1701
Brads metal assortment- Z1366
Make it from your Heart Vol.1- 9035

Friday, April 26, 2013

Studio J- Love your Layout

Every month Close to My Heart makes a video that is posted on You Tube to help show all the wonderful things you can do with Studio J.

What is studio J?

This is Close To My Heart's software to allow you to do digital Scrapbooking. I highly suggest this to people that are nervous about the money cost of starting traditional scrapbooking, since its an easy way to get starting in scrapbooking without out having to by tools and lots of product. I also suggest this to the person that tells me they are not crafty or do not have the time to scrapbook. Studio J can be creative for you, and if your in a hurry you can get layouts done in mere mins. When I take my time with a layout on Studio J and add a lot to it I am looking at about 30 mins, but then its done no printing pictures or anything I just wait for it to show up on my door step!

So take a look at the April Love your layout, if you want to learn more about Studio J simply go HERE.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Creatively Cricut

Close to my Heart takes the time to make videos to help boost our creativity by showing us tips, tricks and techniques to make crafting easier for us. One of the videos they do is Creatively Cricut.

Keep an eye out as I post these videos in between projects I have done. Enjoy the show!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Breathe of Fresh Air!

It has been wonderful starting to have days off, where I can work on my house as well as not feeling guilty of working on a project in my craft room instead of a paper. With that I wanted to let all my loyal readers know that I have been working on my blog updating stuff and getting everything back in to a more active routine that I used to have.

Things that have changed: (most important, im in the craft room everyday now!)

for the blog:

Inventory :(there is items posted here that I have taking up space that could be used. They have been recently discounted a lot with the purpose for them to be moved. please check them out regularly as I will be updating it regularly.)

Paper of the month: This page is now being updated, this is the paper I am currently working with out of the current Idea book. Take a look, and join me.... pre-order people get free shipping (if enough pre-order hostess goodies will be given out)

Join my Team: This page has been updated with the current kit you can get if you decide to sign up as a CTMH consultant... regardless to if you are a kit napper, hobbyist after a discount, or looking to start your own business.

Calendar: This page does not currently have events on it, but thats where you can help! Tell me events you would like to see, or purchase kits for to do. Keep an eye on this page though, as I will be adding some events to it soon.

New Blog page!

Monthly specials: Check out this page to see what the monthly specials are and what you need to do to be able to receive the items from that special. ( Currently it is updated for May as it is a week out, but it will be updated more May 1st.)


I will be spending the next few weeks going through each of my posts making sure all the links still work, and getting all my labeling organized to make it easier for you to find the projects you would like to read/learn about.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Black and white theme-card

It has been a great month and I was able to participate in the April card swap with the Happy Scrapin' Squad!. The month and April was the theme- Black and white cards. So I thought I would share with you the card I made for the swap, and once the Card Swap photo slide is up I will be sharing it as well.

Card Measurements:(Peice sizes go from the largest piece of paper to the smallest.)
Base: 5 1/2" x 4 1/4"
Peice A Black background :3 3/4" x 5"
Peice B Slate mat: 2 1/4"x  2 3/4"
Peice C Colonial White (has sentiment): 2" x 2 1/2"

I used a sponge dauber with the black ink around the base of the card, as well as the piece that has the sentiment on it. Then I used my slate ink pad to rub the edge of the slate cardstock.

Making your own background:

For this I simply picked a design I liked, and because I wanted it to look like worn writing I took a towel to pat some of the extra ink off the stamp before stamping the paper.Also because the paper is larger than the stamp I alternated which side of the paper I started on each row to minimize noticeable lines between the stamped images.

Supply List: (the item codes have been linked to my website for the ease of pricing and purchasing)

Shimmer Trim- Silver: Z1799
Black Cardstock: 1386
Colonial White cardstock:  1388
Colonial White Ink pad: Z2168
Black ink pad:Z2105
Slate ink pad: Z2173
RETIRED clear epoxy bubbles
RETIRED Slate ribbon
RETIRED Avonlea workshop on the go (card kit) Stamp set
RETIRED Bohemian assortment (the flower)

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Using up your stash blog hop- Waterfall technique

If you are joining us for the "Use Your Stash Blog Hop" you are right on track. WELCOME! You should be coming from Shirley's Blog.

There are 8 participants this month. If you get lost along the way you can see the entire list of hoppers on Rachel's Blog. Let's get started.

Today I am showcasing he waterfall technique on a layout. While I am providing instructions to this technique my instructions differ a little from what can be found in the Magic book by Jeanette Lynton, but both will give you the same great results! If you have a copy of it I suggest you check out the Magic book instructions as well. (Currently this book is retired, but you may be able to find it on sites such as amazon.)
I used a 12"x 3" strip of paper, then on one end I scored at 2", 3", 4" and 5"

Fold all the score lines the same direction.

Then on the long flat strip you are going to make a hole in the bottom. I used an eyelet tool, to put an eyelet in it.

Lightly pressing down.. Once the hole is made put some ribbon in it. This will later be the spot that you pull the waterfall out at.

You are going to messure out a strip of paper that is longer than the width of the strip... in this case it needed to be longer than 3" so I have it at around 3 1/2" but sometimes going an inch longer will prove to be better since your waterfall will not get stuck on it. You want to attach this strip over top of the waterfall strip of paper.

It is hard to see here but the brown edge has glue on it (this is the back of the last picture which is attached to the end that was the first scored area. That glued edge is going to attach to that strip going over the waterfall (my strip is pink.)

This is the entire layout "done" it is just mainly missing a title over on the left.

here is the waterfall in work.

The waterfall completely pulled out.

I have also done the waterfall technique on a card, which you can view with the same basic instructions Here.

Supply List: This is the list of items that I used for this project, anything that is a current Close to my Heart product I have included the item code with it linked to my website for the easy of pricing and purchasing.

CTMH Eyelets- Retired
CTMH Eyelet tool- Retired
CTMH Clementine paper pack- X7156B
CTMH Clementine Complements Canvas Shapes- X7156C
CTMH Colonial White Grosgrain ribbon- retired
Make it from your Heart Vol. 1- 9035
Desert Sand ink pad-  Z2118

Now hop on over to Janet's Blog for more ideas of using up your stash.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stamp of the Month- April

Every month there is a deal to be had with Close to my  Heart. One deal you can always count to be around is a chance to get a stamp set for cheap!

April 2013 My Sunshine

(See this Idea Book)Spring/Summer 2013 Idea Book

My Sunshine, set of 8

Recommended Blocks
1" × 3 1/2" (Y1002)
2" × 2" (Y1003)
3" × 3" (Y1006)
4" × 5" (Y1012)

Beautiful Stamps, Amazing Discounts

Each month you can enjoy a new D-size stamp set, available for one month only, for just $5—that’s over 70% off retail! When you place an order of $50 or more in Close To My Heart products, you qualify for this special Stamp of the Month pricing.

If you want to re-create the projects in the picture simply go Here for instructions and a supply list.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Technique Blog hop- The Stickease of Stickers

Welcome to our Technique Blog Hop!  This month there are 8 of us highlighting the "Stickease of stickers." This blog hop is a great big circle so you can start wherever you want and continue through to see all the fabulous artwork incorporating this technique.

If you are coming from Shirley'sBlog, you are on the right track!  
 Today I am focusing on the Dakota paper pack. This particular paper pack is featured with a type of sticker called a foil image. Like the Close To My Heart Stickease these are designed for a person to quickly put together beautiful layouts just using the stickers and paper. The main difference between the foil image compliments and the traditional CTMH Stickease is the thickness and the foil shimmer. The foil images are not thick, where the Stickease are thick like card stock but still have the adhesive backing like a sticker.

This is the entire layout. At first appearance it may seem that I made it uneven, but I did this on purpose for the titling to give some variance to the layout being too squarish.

On this page there is only one foil image which is the horse shoe and the little border on the bottom. The rest of the accents were sparkles.

The star is a foil image that was placed on a Dimensional Element. I then edged the star in chocolate to give it a dirtied / rustic look.

This is a closer view of the star and the little wagon wheel in the corner.

This is a close up of the foil image I used as a partial border on each page. As you can see from this image and the wagon wheel the foil images have a little bit of a shine to them.

As you can see I only used a few of the foil images leaving me still plenty on both sheets that come in the pack. This will allow me to still make several layouts and cards.

Supply List:  *I have linked the item codes to my website for ease to find prices as well as shopping if you desire.*

Dakota Paper pack-X7157B
Dakota Complements Foil Images-X7157C
Star Dimensional Elements-Z1680
Sparkles Black and Grey Assortment-Z1754
Chocolate ink pad-Z2111
Sponge daubers-Z726
Bonding Memories glue-1512
 Glue Dots-1772

Thanks for stopping by!  Please continue onto Melinda's Blog where you will find some additional artwork highlighting this technique!  Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you thought of my variation and happy hopping!