Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Why become a consultant now?

For everyone there is reasons to become a consultant and reasons to NOT become a consultant. Every time I have looked at it with someone when they were on the fence there are always more reasons on why TO become a consultant rather than not becoming one.

Besides the normal reasons that as starting up a business you have a great tax deduction, your business means you work when you want where your want with who you want. There are other perks to this. For people that are caution because of taxes if you sign up as a consultant on more a hobbyist basis maybe only selling to a few friends you will more than likely NOT have to claim Close to my heart on your taxes and if you do, with such a low number you can void it out as a hobby and it won't effect the money you would be normally getting back.

With the great changes that have come to Close To My Heart, becoming a consultant is now cheaper especially if you want to be a hobbyist. For just $49 you can become a consultant and get all these great crafting goodies.

Then while supplies last through the month of August you can also get this great bag! Even if you are not a huge fan of the demask pattern it is the perfect size to store your 12x12 paper when going to scrapbooking events, crops, or gatherings.

Now being that this is a Business opportunity, if you want to try to run it as a full business making money to support your habit and extra to pay on those evil bills you can do that too for only $99. (kit is a $280 retail value) In this kit you can get the same thing in the $49 kit, and in aug (while supplies last) The exclusive bag, AND the product shown below. This does include 5 studio j layouts.

Why wait on a way to make your crafting habit cheaper?  You can sign up as a consultant today by clicking, HERE.

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