Monday, August 13, 2012


During my vacationing in Disney I was going to be posting various projects I had done in the recent past. Due to the frustration that the internet was giving us at the resort, and how exhausted we were by the time the children were put in bed it obviously didn't happen.

 So today I am writing to tell you I am completely back, have been working in the craft room since I got back and am currently getting stuff prepped to get my blog back up to speed!

Be looking for various updates as they should be happening daily to almost daily as well as there may be a day or two with 2 entries.

Below is one of the many pictures from our trip. I wasn't using instagram during the vacation due to the lack of battery time I currently have on my phone, so the trip couldn't be seen on my blog as we went. =/ But it was daily being posted to Facebook on my personal page.

This was from day 2 of our trip in the evening at Epcot. Though you can't tell from this picture they had been saying , "ahhhh shark!" which would immediately be followed with, "fish are friends, not food!"

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