Thursday, July 12, 2012

Convention day 1 recap

Hello all my lovely readers!

This year Close To My Heart Convention is in Dallas, TX. While corporate will be tweeting up to the minute updates, so will the consultants the hash tag to make this easy to find is #ctmhtx.

Yesterday I took part in keeping up with the tweets so I could share them via twitter as well as Facebook. So if you are not yet friends with me on either now is the time to fix that!

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While I was unable to go to convention this year due to its timing with my husband changing commands there is always next year. Also with the up to the min infor that is being put out it is very much keeping us up in the excitement. So now for the recap of yesterday!

DAY 1 Info Recap:

Yesterday was the first day of convention, however it was only for the Leadership session. Everyone who went to leadership was given a New Workshop on the go for free!
The name of this new paper pack is Scholastic
 Within this pack you may notice some new shades!

So far at leadership they announced the following new colors: champagne, saddle, ruby, and cashmere.

Studio J

It has been announced that the membership for studio J is going away, and anyone currently with a membership will be reimbursed. For many the membership options caused confusion and the regular price of the layouts I know may not have always seemed clear. So the price for layouts are now $6.95 (the price you paid if you had a membership) and the JPEGS are free! (I believe that's with purchase as they were for members, details were vague on this for now)
Also for studio J they will be doing more promotions for it, while there have been a couple in the past they have been very irregular so it was hard for a person exclusively using studio j to get goodies like everyone else could monthly. Look for more detailed info on all this later!

New consultant Kit

There are now two options for becoming a consultant. The new kit will be priced at $50 with a $10 shipping cost. It will have a dollar value of $130 of stuff in it. This is a sneak peak picture of the contents in this new kit.I will actually be writing more on this later to fill you in on it's contents. The regular consultant kit which is now refereed to as the Master Kit can still be bought for $99. Which there will be info on the new kit as well in a separate blog.

Now then remember to keep an eye on twitter or my Facebook page, you can always go to my website Here to get my info though it is listed above. Today is the first day of convention for all consultants that are there, so there should be a lot of new info coming out today, as well as teasers of the new Idea book which i will be able to see online! Contact me today if you would like a copy of the Idea book as I will have a limited supply!

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