Sunday, June 3, 2012

Calendar Page

While I did this back at the end of march beginning of April, I waited until now to show it because it had a date on it and my blog would have explained what the day represented. Read more about this project below as to what it is and why I made it.

This was a calendar page for the boat during my husband's deployment. The wives all pick a day or multiples if there are enough days and decorate that day of the calendar. It is posted in the mess area so all the guys can see it in part to keep moral up and so they know what day it is. As shown from the picture I had April 11th.

I had put buzz lightyear in this because we seen Toy Story 3 on ice with out him due to his schedule. The bottom number at the time had represented how many days he had till he was checking out of this command and going on a leave before going to shore duty.

After that day is over the day is given to the sailor to do with as they wish. Mine enjoys stuff like that so he brought it home and now it can be stored in a scrapbook.

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