Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The time has come

to talk of other things! 

All Alice aside though, it is time for me to get on here and get chances to get crafty. Time the last couple of months has been in short supply. Most mom's have probably had some of this too with the end of the school year activities, parties and awards to go to. With that i was also taking very busy courses. While I can say my classes are never not busy, some are busier than others. I have finally gotten to a small lull with a light at the end of the tunnel.

So I am writing this to show you some things that I can do despite having no over all real free time as well as what to expect in the near future!

Studio J

This program has by far made it the easiest for me to balance more things at once. Especially since activities like reading and gaming can cause time to run away from me.  Below is a couple of layouts that i have done in the last few months and recently purchased to add to my scrapbook.

What's to come!

Below is a list of items i have recently finished, have a few finishing touches to do to them or that I do regularly that you can expect to see on here very SOON!
  • Home made penny banks
  • Finished junk journal (for my son)
  • Using up your scraps
  • Card swap
  • Thank you cards for teachers
  • Contest! 
These will be worked on as I have time. I will also be working on spotlighting future lay outs i do with Studio J.
I am sorry for the silence I have had and I appreciate that you are still here reading.

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