Friday, March 23, 2012

Never enough hours in the day

So I thought I would give a general quick update on whats been going on here. I can say that with my classes being down to just upper level core classes I have been very busy with just that. Then with both my boys and their schedules along with my husbands there is minimal me time.

Me Time is very important, and I have always been aware of this so I try to always make sure there is a little for me each day to unwind, and relax. However it is not always enough time to work on something in my craft room.... what not enough time!! yes that's what I said. Mainly because it's very short time, and my mind is running so much that I was having crafter's block for a while, and then I didn't want the limited time to just frustrate me more. So I looked for other things to do. Grab a quick show, soak in the tub, and read a book for pleasure.

So while I am in my craft room accomplishing things I don't always then have time to post about it... this is where the FUN starts! I am going to put an instagram widget on my blog, so in case i miss putting up my projects you won't miss getting to see quick pictures of them.

So keep a look out for up to date pictures of whats going on in my life both everyday  and crafty!


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