Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have never been big on new year's resolutions because like many I tend not to follow through with them. However, small goals that are obtainable are very doable. So I thought I would share my crafty goals with you for 2012!

Finish my craft room! - While I have it and it is generally furnished, it is not properly furnished. This has resulted in me making it in to a tornado at times, and organized chaos at other times. So organizing it, repainting it, and getting a new blind for it are on my to do list.

Scheduled crafting- I have never been a fan of planning but as time has gone on it has become more and more necessary for some things. With being in my last yearish of school the classes are taking up even more of my time, making less time for things I enjoy. So to keep my sanity and to keep fun things on here I am going to start scheduling time for me to scrap.  This will start with friday mornings when my youngest son is at his 3yr old pre- k for three hours.. just enough time for peace quiet, and a break from everything.

Consistent blogging! I started this one last month, because having time to get down and dirty with my blog was long over due. I am going to continue tweaking my page to perfection, while making sure there is plenty of wonderful things for you to see here.

Dieting is not a goal for me, While I want to loose weight I think piling too many goals on a person is too much. So once I have accomplished my current crafty goals I plan to move forward with new ones. I am excited about this year for many things, and I feel its a great time to start moving forward and live in the now and enjoy it while the future gets here.

If you have resolutions this year, I hope you are successful in them. If you find you are struggling just step back and look at your goal perhaps you are expecting too much too soon or too much over all. We can all be successful with our goals so long as we gauge our steps on the way to the finish line accordingly!

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