Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mischief paper

I had a great time working on this paper, to start the pages for the Halloween trip my family took to disney. I do have a little bit of this paper left, which will be focused on during a Use up your stash entry!

 New and old! I used the Mischeif paper and the accessories that came in the Workshop on the go (the felt bird) I used a chipboard banner, connecting it with black hemp. The pewter metal pieces are actually ribbon holders with chocolate colored opaques on top of the bar the ribbon goes around. Then in the bottom right hand corner I took some old "micky mousish" felt that I had sitting around. The spider webs were embossed.

This is a fairly simple layout, sometimes it feels like it's missing something. I used the Cricut to make the Lotso title.Then the cd slot on the right page is where I put the disc that has all our disney photos from this trip!

If you ignore the horrible lighting in this picture I used a hinge on the photo in the top left of the right page. Under it is another picture when its flipped up. On the left page for the wording it was used from the extra strip on the printed paper, and I thought the phrases were cute and perfect for Halloween adventures.

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