Monday, January 2, 2012

Legoman there is a santa part 2

As I mentioned in my entry Yes Legoman there is a Santa, I would post the layout again once we had gone and seen Santa. We got to see santa a few times this year, and each time has its own story.

Our first visit with santa was at the Language learning center during a Speech Therapy session. We got a few pictures during this visit, and it was the most successful. Each boy told santa the one item they really wanted for christmas, and santa came through for both of them.
Then later that week they both got to see Santa at their schools. My youngest one would talk to Santa at his school but refused to sit on his lap.

There were other possible Santa sightings planed through out the month, but we either chose to have a relaxing day as a family at the house or the line was way too long. In the end though Santa was a hot topic in my house for the first time and through the entire month of Dec.!

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