Saturday, January 28, 2012

Monthly Card swap- bling

Every month I participate in a card swap, and different person gets to pick the theme each month. Back in November I had picked spray pen, and you can check out the great creations made that month here.

This month the theme was to use some bling! The cards as always look great.

If you missed last month's cards check them out here.
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Using up your stash! Blog hop

If you are joining us for the "Use Your Stash Blog Hop" you are right on track. WELCOME! You should be coming from Judy's Blog.

There are 10 participants this month. If you get lost along the way you can see the entire list of hoppers on Rachel's Blog. Let's get started.

Today I am showcasing ... a retired level 1 pack of the magic moments stashed away in my craft room, along with a bunch of the matching stickease (stickers). With the Close To My Heart level 1 paper packs being so quick to assemble I thought it would be a great way to help get me going on using up more of my stash.
These kits I would normally get because they came with matching stickease, and if I didn't want a lot of a certain paper but liked it this was perfect to cut up to my own designed layouts. I also enjoyed getting these on sale when the regular paper was already sold out! Ironically I found this kit half untouched, and the other half cut up as though I was preparing to make my own layouts with it.

This layout didn't get much in the way of accessories, since I am in debate on pictures to use on it, and with the paper being so busy most of any new accessories would be put on the picture corners n such.
I had fun with this one, the page on the right the base was like that in the kit. I added the title, the stickease strip and embellishments. Then for the page on the left I actually found an old left over scrap of the "wings" paper by CTMH and used it, then added the ribbon, and the stamped image from the "Rock The Block" set that is available during January. The stars I used a re-inker on, and then followed it up with pearl paint. The re-inker was dripped in to the cracks.

For this layout I put 3d foam tape under some of the stickease (stickers) to add dimension. Then on the right page I layered 2 ribbons, then accessorized them by adding sparkles and a different color bow. It really added something to the layouts, and with the paper being color filled and busy this seemed a perfect addition.

This is a very simple layout, I may add more to it, at least journaling, but the phrases tell a good story for the event.
Supply list (item codes for current product is linked for your shopping convince.)
Magic moments lvl 1 paper pack- retired
Wings bulk paper- retired
Magic moments stickease- retired
Sparkles- Z1104
Sweet leaf stitched grosgrain- Z1383
Cocoa Grosgrain- Z1100
Blue ribbon collection- Z1385
Pin Clips- Z1612
Metal assortment brads- Z1366
White Daisy Grosgrain- Z270
Chipboard- retired (you can find similar here)
Milepost Shapes-Z1464
After making these 4 layouts out of the full kit all that I had left was some flower stickers which are being used up quickly for cards.

Now hop on over to Tonya's Blog for more ideas of using up your stash.

If you want to see some other work I have done with level 1 kits/ pre-designed kits check out my post Here that was for another blog hop.

P.S. you can follow me on pinterest as well!
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Elemental Paper

This paper I am actually still working with, because I chose it to be the main paper for one of the family trips to disney. So keep a look out for Elemental paper part 2.
This is a layout I did on Studio J using the Elemental paper.
This card pack was a give away on my facebook page! It had 6 of the same card in it. The picture of the card is hiding but in the area that can't be seen there is a little brown square with a baby blue button on it.
This was an example layout in the Autumn/ winter 2011 Idea book, I thought it was just soo adorable that I had to lift it! There are slight changes to mine from the idea book based on the sizes of the pictures I used. All that was needed for this was the lvl 2 elemental paper pack, the Elemental dimentsional elements and copper brads.
This card is very simple, using the faux stitching stamp that comes with the Elemental WOTG, a few brads and a lil bit of elemental paper.
This is still missing a picture due to me printing off the wrong size! This actually didn't use very much of the elemental paper, and more cardstock. Yet it kept it colorful and bright. In this I did utilize some retired chipboard buttons.

The base design of this layout was the layout design in the Workshop On The Go for the elemental paper. Everything except the rectangle pieces were cut on the Cricut, using the Art Philosophy cartridge.
This is a magnet made on a 4"x4" piece of chipboard (a left over I had from the Mix and mingle). the back has magnets on it so it can be put on the fridge for display with a family picture on it.

 you can also go check out the original Argyle layout I did for the Technique blog hop I am a part of. It uses the elemental paper with tigger.To view it go here.

General supply list

Elemental lvl 2 paper pack X7141b- $9.95
Elemental dimensional elements X7141c - $4.95
Suggested stamp set: Love Life- D1482 - $17.95
Antiqued copper designer brads Z1410 $3.95
Decor journaling spots Z1461 -$5.95
Metal Assortment (brads) Z1366- $4.95

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Dreamin paper club

It has been a couple days since my last post... shame on me! However, that means I have been very busy with my extra minutes here and there working in my scrap room. I have been taking pictures and getting things set up to start sharing how I am minimizing the clutter in my craft room by using some of my stash! You will hear more about this soon.

Meanwhile, lets take a trip back to this fall, with the Dreamin' paper. I actually found a little bit left of this in my craft room last night, so I will post what I do with the scraps once I decide!

This card was done for a card swap. In the window I put a little bit of green glitter and several leaves, so they could move around if the card was shook. Behind the cards is a sheet of the dreamin' paper, which has dandelions on the inside of the card.

This layout was based off the example layout on the back of the dreamin' stickease.

This layout was also based off the example layout on the back of the stickease. It was done for the Technique blog hop I am in. You can see the post on how this layout was made here.

This paper pack got used up fast for me which is very sad because it is such a pretty pack. the swap cards because I made 6 of the cards is part of what made it go so fast. Keep a look out on how I finish off this paper, instead of letting the scraps collect dust!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Technique Blog Hop

 January Technique Blog hop- make your own argyle

Welcome to our Technique Blog Hop! This month there are 13 of us highlighting the make your own argyle technique as shown on page 91 in the Autumn/Winter 2011 Idea Book! This blog hop is a great big circle so you can start wherever you want and continue through to see all the fabulous artwork incorporating this technique. If you would like to start from the beginning, please visit this link to Debi Barber's blog. While there you will also find a listing of all participants and their blog addresses if you should get lost or want to reference a blog along the way. Let’s get started!

If you are coming from Tonya's Blog, you are on the right track!

I chose to do the original layout with out using the example stamp set on page 91. The stamp set is great to make the diamond shape to get your argyle going, but it is not limited to that stamp set. So I used the cricut to make sure I had nice straight even diamonds, and for added dimension I threw in some stitching.

I started by using triangle I cut off of the cricut using the art philosophy cartridge. This same type of triangle is perfect for banners.This triangle is <Banner4> and I make it 1.5"
I think took the triangles and lined them up to make diamonds. To give it a little variance I had the diamonds alternation in placement and in design. As shown above.
To really give it that argyle look I then lined up my ruler to cross in the centers of the triangles as possible. Doing this I used the guild holes in my rule to make straight lined holes for stitching. Once all the holes were in place I used my embroidery floss (3 strands) and did a back stitch. When I was finished with a line I would just tape off the thread with acid free tape on the back.

The stitching can be seen here. I did a back stitch to get none broken flowing lines. Brads were used on page 91 of the Idea book for the original argyle. As can bee seen in this photo I started to do that to see how it would look. However, instead of putting it at the points of the paper diamonds, I was doing it with the stitched diamonds. I wasn't sure how I felt about it so I left it with the two to look at it before putting any more holes in my layout!
My hubby liked the brads so I finished them out. Then added my title via the Cricut, and for my journaling it has the Tigger song. I had thought about adding a bouncing tigger but it looks great the way it is, so bouncing tigger may have to wait for the next one!
Note: for the left page I used <square7> at 10.5" with the Art philosophy cartridge.

To make this layout I used the following Close To My Heart Supplies.

Supply List:
Cricut Art Philosophy Collection: Z1686
Elemental Level 2 paper pack: X7141B
Elemental Complements dimensional elements: X7141C
Natural embroidery floss assortment: Z1096
Pewter designer brads: Z1146

Thanks for stopping by! Please continue onto Rachel's Blog where you will find some additional artwork highlighting this technique! Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what you thought of my variation and happy hopping!

P.S. To catch other great layouts like this and projects follow me on Pinterest.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mischief paper

I had a great time working on this paper, to start the pages for the Halloween trip my family took to disney. I do have a little bit of this paper left, which will be focused on during a Use up your stash entry!

 New and old! I used the Mischeif paper and the accessories that came in the Workshop on the go (the felt bird) I used a chipboard banner, connecting it with black hemp. The pewter metal pieces are actually ribbon holders with chocolate colored opaques on top of the bar the ribbon goes around. Then in the bottom right hand corner I took some old "micky mousish" felt that I had sitting around. The spider webs were embossed.

This is a fairly simple layout, sometimes it feels like it's missing something. I used the Cricut to make the Lotso title.Then the cd slot on the right page is where I put the disc that has all our disney photos from this trip!

If you ignore the horrible lighting in this picture I used a hinge on the photo in the top left of the right page. Under it is another picture when its flipped up. On the left page for the wording it was used from the extra strip on the printed paper, and I thought the phrases were cute and perfect for Halloween adventures.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Card Today

This card you will be able to find featured on my Paper of the month tab. The primary colors/paper used on this card is Sonoma. I did however use mayberry paper to make the flowers.
I used a quilling tool to wrap the paper for the flowers around, to get them nice and tight. Then used Liquid glass to glue them together.
It's funny because this is a very cute simple card, that when I try to add something to it it seems to much, but yet at times I look at it and feel it is missing somthing.
The main thing used for this card was the cricut. I used it to cut out the base of the card, the green window, and the flowers.

Below is the supply list I used to make this item:*item codes next to items are Close to my heart item codes.

Level 2 mayberry paper pack:X7136B
Level 2 sonoma paper pack:X7143B
Clear sparkles: Z1104
Liquid glass:Z679
Cricut Art philosophy collection:Z1686

Thursday, January 12, 2012


with pining things becoming more and more popular so not only can you recreate it at a later date, but to share with others I have decided something. I normally to save space put all my photos on photo bucket to share the album with you. That however makes it a little harder for you to pin things you like. So for my archiving of past featured papers I will go back to posting each picture on the post.

I am on pinterest and I am trying to get better on posting things on there more regularly. If you would like to follow any of my boards you can check them out here.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A little bit of bling

One item that really sticks out for it's uniqueness in the Autumn/winter 2011 Idea book is on page  . By simply attaching a pin to the back of this it could be worn on a person's shirt. My upline Rachel Ventura took this to another level by making "bling" for our convention hats.
I love making little "bling" like this because I have found that they make excellent accents for cards, bags, layouts and so much more. Below is some of this bling and supply list to make it.

This piece has space behind the phrase out of the box thinking, for stuff such as paper flowers on stems.

This bling used the Rock a Block stamp set, the Art Philosophy for the Heart shaped container, Opaques, Sparkles, Bling assortment, and a strip of Roxie paper. 

The following is the item codes to enable you to quick search or add to your order. This makes it so if you are a consultant or have a CTMH consultant you do not have to use the links to the items above. 
pearl opaques-Z1336
Art Philosophy- Z1686
red, pink, and purple Sparkles- Z1326
Bling assortment- Z1466
lvl 2 Roxie paper pack-x7140b
** if you buy $25 in product you will be offered the option to get the Rock the Block set for $15**

Monday, January 9, 2012

past paper- Roxie

The paper pack Roxie I focused on in Sept. 2011. Below is an album of  some of the projects I made while focusing on the Roxie paper.  Currently there are only cards in this  slideshow, the layouts I am guilty of starting but not finishing, so be looking for them soon in a using up my stash entry!

** Due to the size this post would become if I gave instructions on each item in the photo album, please contact me or comment if you would like more info on a specific item. Also check my archives, it may be a project I focused on.**

Sunday, January 8, 2012

card kit

Every month I have a card kit I offer called the 6-8-10. Which is designed for people to make 6 cards , 8 mins per card (average time frame) for $10. The cards are generally not complicated to put together. *that way we can stay in the 8 min time frame per card* The cards are also usually themed to the closest upcoming holiday, or they will be a more general theme such as thank you's, welcoming babies, happy  birthday ect.

This month is Valentine cards.
For the stamped heart images and the saying I used the second generation stamping technique.

For this I stamped out 4 hearts and laid them over the card. Then I took my spray pen  and sprayed from the bottom right corner of the card. (my right not the card's) After that I applied the rest of the pieces to the card.

After stamping the big purple heart, I  lightly painted over it with pearl paint. Then the stickease strip along the edge I dotted with glitter glitz to add "bling" and dimension to.

I used a stickease for the petals on the crochet flower.

The paper I used for this kit is actually retired. I found it a great way to use up some of my stash that I have of it on hand.
For a limited time while supplies last the Sweetheart stickease (stickers) and Sweetheart paper can be purchased off my website.
Here is the list of other supplies I used to make these cards:
~Bulk crochet flowers -Bulk147
~Sweetheart lvl2 paper-X7134b
~Sweetheart stickease-X7134C
Pink assortment buttons-Z1370
Embroidery floss neutral assortment-Z1096
Clear Sparkles- Z1104
Spray pen-Z1380
Cranberry re-inker(used in spray pen)- Z2216
Black Button brads (retired not available for purchase on website)
Pink grosgrain ribbon (retired not available for purchase on website)

**all products that I used to make these cards are close to my heart products, all items with a ~ by them are on the while supplies last list.**

labels for entries

I would like to thank all of you for coming and checking out my blog. As I have been going along with it I have been very bad about putting labels on my entries to make it easy to go through the old ones. Well I am going to be taking the time to fix that over the next week or so. Especially with my postings for past paper club events I have done.

Since I focus on a paper a month I actually keep a page for that tabbed on my blog. However, you can't see those images after that month unless I make a post! So I wanted to celebrate in an entry on labels coming up for easy access to old idea's/projects/tips/techniques I have had.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Use up your scraps Hop

While the new year is for new things, most scrappers have treasures hidden in their craft area. Through this blog hop we are going to use up some of our hidden items/scraps.If you are coming from Adele's Blog your in the right place!

There are 15 people participating in this hop! If you would like to start at the beginning, just head over to The Princess of scrap-Heather's blog, it will eventually bring you back here to me and end with Kathy's blog, regardless where you start you will be able to do a full circle to see all the great ideas on how to use up your scrap!

I am focusing on some per-designed bases made by Close to My Heart. I never used these, and typically if I would get them I would cut them up to use on my own layouts. So for this I am going to do both, since I have 2 of the kits.
I am starting with these 2 packs as seen in the picture below they come with 2 sheets of stickease, 4 pages that are pre-designed, 2 sheets of cardstock, and 2 B&T pattern print pages.

One thing I have found myself going oooo and "that's so cute!" is pre-designed/packaged all you need for this layout kits. When the pages are designed so you don't have to figure out picture placement its makes the layouts go fast. So fast, easy, and using up scraps I thought would be a great way to kick off the new year!

This is the first layout, I added butterflies, ribbon, opaques, and a flip flap for more pictures and journaling. The flower card opens up and that's where the journaling goes.

With the flip flap open.

The flower on the journaling card was an old flower laying around my desk. To make it like new I added pearl paint to it. To do this I simply squirted a little bit of the paint on a big thick brush, then gently brushed it around till I had an even coat.

To add color to the layout I took my Twilight ink, and sponge daubed the butterflies. Then to give them more dimension I took my liquid applique to the body of the butterfly.
Taking the craft heater to the butterflies after applying the liquid applique gave it a puffy look.

The flower die cut was made with the cricut using the Art Philosophy cartridge. The film strip is from Tim Holtz, and the beads I strung on a earring post then attached them to the layout with a brad.

This layout as can be seen has a flip flap that goes with it.

This is the layout with out the flip flap. I haven't picked how I am doing the titling or which title I am putting on this layout yet, which is why the space is still blank.

This is the other side of the flip flap. To get the metal look on the flowers I used the vintage photo crackle paint to paint the flowers and let dry. I then took the Create-a- shade Pearl Paint by Close to my heart over the crackle paint and let it dry.

Thank you for checking out what I am doing with my scraps, this has got me looking for more scraps to work with! Now if you "hop" on to Kathy's blog you can get some more great ideas on what to do with your scraps!

Friday, January 6, 2012

January special for Studio J members

Score a perfect 10 in January! If you’re a Studio J ® member, you can take advantage of this great opportunity to fill up your scrapbook—get your holiday photos in albums right away! For every 9 custom-printed Studio J layouts you buy, you’ll receive the 10th layout free. To receive the discount, just add 10 or more layouts to your cart. You’ll see a discount reflected in your order total. And you can totally take advantage of this promotion by ordering in multiples of 10. Buy 9, get 1 free. Buy 18, get 2 free. Buy 27, get 3 free. And so on! To receive the discount, just add 10 or more layouts to your cart. You'll see a discount reflected in your order total.
If you’re not a member yet, now’s a great time to join! Members save more, do more, and get more with benefits like these:
  • Exclusive patterns
  • 50% off layouts
  • Free JPG files
  • Free monthly shipment
  • Members-only promotions like this one!
Read more about the benefits of Studio J membership.
The fine print for the Perfect 10 promotion: Shipping/handling may apply. Offer valid for Studio J members January 1–31, 2012. Offer valid for custom prints only; purchases of JPG files are not eligible for this promotion.
Start creating your layouts!

*information above was provided by the Studio J Blog.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Dec. Believe

Every month on my blog I have a page dedicated to the paper I focus on that month. Now you can look through my blog to find a post on the past paper I have focused on. Since it is January it only makes sense that the first entry like this I do is last month's focus of the Believe paper. Below is all the info that was on the page. Keep a look out for other past paper entry focuses.

** Due to the size this post would become if I gave instructions on each item in the photo album, please contact me or comment if you would like more info on a specific item. Also check my archives, it may be a project I focused on.**


I have never been big on new year's resolutions because like many I tend not to follow through with them. However, small goals that are obtainable are very doable. So I thought I would share my crafty goals with you for 2012!

Finish my craft room! - While I have it and it is generally furnished, it is not properly furnished. This has resulted in me making it in to a tornado at times, and organized chaos at other times. So organizing it, repainting it, and getting a new blind for it are on my to do list.

Scheduled crafting- I have never been a fan of planning but as time has gone on it has become more and more necessary for some things. With being in my last yearish of school the classes are taking up even more of my time, making less time for things I enjoy. So to keep my sanity and to keep fun things on here I am going to start scheduling time for me to scrap.  This will start with friday mornings when my youngest son is at his 3yr old pre- k for three hours.. just enough time for peace quiet, and a break from everything.

Consistent blogging! I started this one last month, because having time to get down and dirty with my blog was long over due. I am going to continue tweaking my page to perfection, while making sure there is plenty of wonderful things for you to see here.

Dieting is not a goal for me, While I want to loose weight I think piling too many goals on a person is too much. So once I have accomplished my current crafty goals I plan to move forward with new ones. I am excited about this year for many things, and I feel its a great time to start moving forward and live in the now and enjoy it while the future gets here.

If you have resolutions this year, I hope you are successful in them. If you find you are struggling just step back and look at your goal perhaps you are expecting too much too soon or too much over all. We can all be successful with our goals so long as we gauge our steps on the way to the finish line accordingly!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Rock a Block

 When you place a minimum order of $25 from the Autumn/Winter 2011 Idea Book, you can get two valuable new products for just $15: the My Creations® Collage Cubes (a Spring/Summer 2012 sneak-peek product!) and the exclusive My Acrylix® Rock the Block E-size stamp set (available only during this promotion). This Rock the Block promotion represents a retail savings of almost $30! You're going to love the collage cubes and the Rock the Block stamp set, which work together for interactive, fashionable fun!

Here is what I have done with this great set.

The pink flowers were made with old "bella" CTMH paper and the Cricut Art Philosophy cartridge.

I took each block and cut one side on 3 of it's edges creating a lid.

For the handle I took a wooden bead and strung waxy flax through it. Siting it on the lid of each box I would then be able to tell where to put the holes to string the waxy flax through.

To use up my scrap and give this a worn oldish look I used what I had left of the Close to My Heart  Lucky paper.

I used chocolate ink to "dirty" all the spots where there is white showing from the boxes and base.

For the labels I simply make them 1 1/2" by  and wrote what I wanted to be in the box. Taking vineyard berry to the edges of the label to help it pop off the background.

Each box was stamped with images from the Rock The Block stamp set. I purposely waited till after I adhered the paper to the boxes so the stamped images wouldn't be perfect. This allowed for a worn look, and some of it also would be covered up from accessories.

This is the stamp set that comes in the Rock The Block set.

If you Hop over to Rachel Ventura's blog you can see what she did with this great set, along with a hop she is apart of. They did a great job with this kit.