Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I love campfires, and nice big fires in the house. While my family doesn't have a lot of campfires through out the year yet we do have a fire place. So now every winter I look forward to hot cocoa with some S'mores during the holiday season. To take this enjoyment to the next level I decided to make a paper S'more for my layouts... and cards!
Outside of my S'mores card
Inside of my S'mores card

Below I will show you some step by step instructions on how to make the S'more, then below that I have provided the supply list of what I used to make this card. With this supply list look closely because I have also provided tips to make the cost cheaper.
To make the S'more you will need these supplies, and/or a pair of tweezers to hold the paper as you use the craft heater.The 2 lighter pieces of paper represent the graham crackers, and the darker piece is the chocolate.

Use 3d foam tape to adhere the "chocolate" piece of paper to the "graham cracker". I only put it in one corner because of how the S'more would be positioned in the card. Remember though to take the placing of your 3D foam in consideration because it will get heated/melt some from the craft heater.
Next you will take your Liquid Applique to the top of the 2 pieces of card stock. Make sure to apply a thick coat of it so it puffs up a lot.
As you can see I only applied the Liquid Applique to the areas that would been seen.
Next heat the liquid Applique once so it puffs up. Then let it and the surface it is on cool for a min. Now take the craft heater to it again, but as shown in the picture get the heater very close to it. This allows it to over heat your Liquid Applique to a point where it looks like it may melt. When this happens you will get burn marks on it. Giving it that nice fire roasted look.  As you can see in the picture I did not use tweezers to hold it down, but my piercing tool.

Last use 3D foam tape to adhere your other piece of card stock and poke holes in it with the piercing tool to give it that finished S'more look.

Supply List:
Art Philosophy Cartridge  Z1686       (this was used for the base of the card, and the Your sweet die cut.)
Dec. "Mad about you" Stamp set of the month S1112
Lvl 2 Roxy paper pack X7140B
Pin Clips Z1612
Clear Sparkles Z1104
Licorice Opaques Z1335
Bling Assortment Z1466
Neutral Embroidery Floss Z1096
Cocoa Grosgrain Ribbon Z1100
Black hemp Z282
Liquid Applique Z308

Extras: This is the part of the supply list that is tools.
Craft Heater Z555
Piercing Tool Kit Z1114
Edge Distresser Z1297
Ruler Z1471 (this was used only to make the stitching be uniformed and in a straight line on the card.)
Glue 1512
#-D Foam Tape Z1151
Micro-Tip Scissors Z534
Tweezers Z1382 (as shown in the pictures above these are not needed to finish the project, but can make it easier.)
Glue dots 1772 (This was used to hold down the button.)

All the above codes work on my website, if you are interested in getting these items you can contact me, go through my website.... or if I am not your CTMH consultant then just contact your consultant so she can help you!

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