Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Scrapbooking Tip

Today is a tip to help make scrapbooking easier and in a lot of ways faster.
Every month in my news letter I go over all the great things that can be done with Close To My Heart products, and with this I include tips/techniques on how to use these products.
Then if you check out my facebook business page I pull in ideas, and tips from scrapbookers/crafters from all over using various products. I find these refreshing ways to expand my ideas with what I can do with Close To My Heart products.

No matter if you are new to scrapbooking or a seasoned one this tip is a great one I am about to share. It also helps the person who has never scrapbooked because of excuses as, "it takes up too much space," or " I just don't have the time." For this person I challenge you to try Studio J. Just play on it to see how fast you can make a layout, and how nice they look.  Then if you like them do that with all your digital pictures. By the time you have accomplished this, you will be seasoned at making layouts as far as color coordination, adding accessories, and photo placement. Making it easy to then move on to traditional scrapbooking to preserve all those photos laying around in a box.

Today's tip is about that photo box! Let's get it organized to save us even more time. No matter where the pictures are they can be organized. Typically there are 2 types or organizing as far as where you will put them.
A organizer box
Photo albums. These are the albums with sleeves for your pictures.

From deciding that you should then sort all the photos. That way when it comes time for them to be scrap booked the pictures from the same event/time are together.  While you can pick any number of ways to organize them, here are some popular subjects used to sort those pictures:
  • Chronologically
  • By Theme
  • By Person or Group
  • By Portrait
  • By Event
  • Place
The following video is of Jill Davis, Founder, explain her photo storage methods.

I would like to thank for their scrapbooking lessons. I had recently decided to sign up for a set to come to my inbox so I could get ideas from. It is from these that this entry was inspired. While I have talked about organizing photos in my newsletters, I can say I have not gone in to this much detail. 

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