Friday, November 18, 2011


So October was crazy for my family. Frankly I think I am still recovering from it. That and my ethics class is making my brain like pea soup. All things aside though, I did work with the mischeif paper. Heck, I even had workshops for the mischeif paper. So you may be asking why I never posted this awesomeness..... well I told you, it was craaazzyy!! That and I let time get the better of me.

So I figured a better late than never was in order. Since if it was crazy for you too, you might just be now sitting down to scrapbook with your October pictures.
Don't you just love my foot peeking in on this picture. For the title I used the banner chipboard($4.95), the pewter mini melody,($4.95) and mocha opaques.($2.95) It was tied together with black hemp ($2.25).

For the title on this I used the toy story cricut cartridge. Then the layout came out of the Magic book, which I found to be perfect, because I was able to put the Disney photo pass disc in the sleeve.

More Toes! In this layout the scarcrow picture is on a hinge, to allow you to lift it up and see another photo. In this layout the other photo is another scarecrow.

I would like to note this is a TINY portion of my October pictures, and most of them will actually be done this month with the Dreamin' paper as it is more fallish.

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