Thursday, November 3, 2011

Liquid Applique technique

Liquid Applique can be used for several things. From an adhesive for stuff like fun flock, to adding dimension to your project. Most commonly I see it used as snow on winter projects.

Since it's a product that has been sitting on my shelf waiting for attention I figured it was time to see what I could do with it..... that wasn't snow! This is because we know it can be snow, but that can't be its limit.
So I turned it in to some nice whipped cream/foam on a cup!

This was the card I made with it.
To make the foam fluff up and give itself a snow or whipped cream like look all that is needed is a craft heater.
Apply the liquid applique in the desired areas, and then warm it with the craft heater and watch as it fluffs up!

**Another idea for this product is adding re-inker to it. (cheap alternative to this, if you don't have the Close To My Heart re-inkers, is food coloring dyes, for icing they have a fabulous selection at micheals.) 
Just mix the color in with the liquid applique before taking the craft heater to it.**

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