Thursday, November 10, 2011

Art Philosophy- Gift bags

The cricut cartridge-art philosophy has become very popular. It is become of this I started holding one workshop a month dedicated to something that could be done with using the art philosophy cartridge.
The gift bags were so popular I even am using them as a project at gatherings. They are great because you don't need a lot of materials to dress them up.

The bags below are all of 3x3 size for height (excluding handles) and length. To get them to this size, use a 12x12 sheet with the cricut, and tell it to fit to page.You will then have a strip of 5"x12" remaining. I cut this off and turn it in to 3"x3" cards to go with the bags.

These bags for the holidays are great for secret santas, teachers, therapists, doctors, casual friends and kids. The list is really only as limited as your imagination. This year I am using these for my children to hand out to their teachers and other adults they work with,  such as a speech therapist. Each with have a 3"x3" card and a bag of chocolates in the gift bag.

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