Tuesday, November 22, 2011

announcing my annual black friday sale

The time is getting near and I have everything prepped for this great sale. Now for the information!

I am breaking down who gets to see the stuff in my sale first as follows:
Team members: nov. 22nd (today! )
Club members: 23rd
Newsletter participants: 24th
Everyone else: 25th

The sale will run till midnight (est) on cyber monday. I will be removing items from the list as they are sold. I am basing who gets the item off who calls or emails/txts first. Since emails/txts are time stamped it will be easy to tell. Emails go directly to my phone, so I will check my phone before completely an in person or phone sale.
People in the area your welcome to stop by and look, however you may want to check to make sure I am home first.
For you bloggers out there I will have a page added for black friday!(at 5a.m.) I will also be putting up the info on my facebook page and twitter. However, if you want a head start on the blog keep an eye out for the entry with a link the morning on the 25th.

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