Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3D Snowflake

Ok so I am too excited about one of my house projects to wait to show you when they are all perfect.
So I got some cricut cartridges in today that I got during a black Friday sale. One of them happened to be the winter lace cartridge that you can make 30 different snowflakes with. (Mind you in my opinion these are the best sowflakes because they don't make me cold!)
So my husband got curious about these snowflaes after I showed him the cartridge. I stoped woring on my layout to make one and I got o excited.
This image is the result of the 3d snowflake. I did figure out I have to be picky on the paper since the other side is brown n poka dotted. But it is cute!
The plan is to hang them all over the house.

1 comment:

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