Saturday, November 26, 2011

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Sale!!

It's here! Good morning, and I hope you have your coffee in place and ready to shop.
For the ease of browsing the items I have up for this sale, I have placed them in a photo album. You will see in this album the name, for some a description of the item, and then both the retail and sale price of the item. For items that I have multiples of it will tell you how many are still available. This will be updated as items are sold.

*** viewing... this slide show will give you a preview. Then click the link below it to see a bigger image. When doing this you will be able to click on the item you want to see its name and price.***

To purchase from this sale simply email me:

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

3D Snowflake

Ok so I am too excited about one of my house projects to wait to show you when they are all perfect.
So I got some cricut cartridges in today that I got during a black Friday sale. One of them happened to be the winter lace cartridge that you can make 30 different snowflakes with. (Mind you in my opinion these are the best sowflakes because they don't make me cold!)
So my husband got curious about these snowflaes after I showed him the cartridge. I stoped woring on my layout to make one and I got o excited.
This image is the result of the 3d snowflake. I did figure out I have to be picky on the paper since the other side is brown n poka dotted. But it is cute!
The plan is to hang them all over the house.

announcing my annual black friday sale

The time is getting near and I have everything prepped for this great sale. Now for the information!

I am breaking down who gets to see the stuff in my sale first as follows:
Team members: nov. 22nd (today! )
Club members: 23rd
Newsletter participants: 24th
Everyone else: 25th

The sale will run till midnight (est) on cyber monday. I will be removing items from the list as they are sold. I am basing who gets the item off who calls or emails/txts first. Since emails/txts are time stamped it will be easy to tell. Emails go directly to my phone, so I will check my phone before completely an in person or phone sale.
People in the area your welcome to stop by and look, however you may want to check to make sure I am home first.
For you bloggers out there I will have a page added for black friday!(at 5a.m.) I will also be putting up the info on my facebook page and twitter. However, if you want a head start on the blog keep an eye out for the entry with a link the morning on the 25th.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Yes legoman, there is a santa!

Wow! It's already Dec.1st... I can say I don't feel ready for Christmas. At least the festivities are in full swing now, and my oldest son has requested to go see Santa. This is a huge thing for me!
For those of you that don't know, I will share a little bit of my personal life with you now. My oldest son, I'll call him lego man. Lego man was diagnosed with Autism unofficially at 2 1/2, and officially at age 3. After 1 huge bag of M&M's to get him to the dr.s office on the 4th floor of a hospital (absolutely hated these places at the time) he had to give blood. I am 8 months pregnant at the time, and after the massive fight and struggle to get the blood work done, me n and legoman sat in the middle of the hospital floor crossed legged, crying together for the torment we just went through.

3 months later we moved and life got better. It was some time after that he was also diagnosed with ADHD. We have an alphabet soup going on!

Some of you may be wondering what this has to do with santa. Well Santa like many things, such as hospitals, were things legoman couldn't handle. Every time I took him to see santa he had a melt down. One time he only cried, but that was an awesome santa. So I had finally given up on santa and decided it was just too much for him. My youngest son turns 3 in Dec, and because of the santa drama, he has never met santa. So for legoman to tell me he wants to go see santa, I am dancing around, and making sure our santa date is on the calendar.
I have been sooooo excited I already made a layout for the occasion! Which if they cry I don't care, cause we went, and those pictures tears and all (though I am hoping for no tears) will be on this layout.

Unfortunately it looks kind of plain with out pictures. So once we seen Santa on dec. 11th, I will post this layout again, only finished!

I used the believe workshop on the go to create this. This is the layout in the guide, and I thought it was just perfect for this event.

In that workshop you get the following items:
Believe Level 2 Paper Packet
My Acrylix® Believe Workshop Stamp Set (C-size)
Mini-Medley Accents Olive Collection
Dimensional Elements Stars
Workshop Guide 

Go to my site to get this kit today and check out the alternative project you can do with it. Believe workshop on the go kit

Saturday, November 19, 2011


Every great blog has labels to help your searching for great information easier. While I could come up with some non conformist reason as to why I don't have labels on my posts, I'll go the ethical Kant route and be honest. I am forgetful and Lazy.

Ironically I am only forgetful with some things. I have often thought about labels and what labels to put on my posts, but somehow they never get put on there. So with an open weekend coming up I am going to make a list of labels and start labeling my old posts. Then keep that list by my desk so I can continue to use it.

That's right evern my lil old blog will have..................... labels. Stay Tuned!

Friday, November 18, 2011


So October was crazy for my family. Frankly I think I am still recovering from it. That and my ethics class is making my brain like pea soup. All things aside though, I did work with the mischeif paper. Heck, I even had workshops for the mischeif paper. So you may be asking why I never posted this awesomeness..... well I told you, it was craaazzyy!! That and I let time get the better of me.

So I figured a better late than never was in order. Since if it was crazy for you too, you might just be now sitting down to scrapbook with your October pictures.
Don't you just love my foot peeking in on this picture. For the title I used the banner chipboard($4.95), the pewter mini melody,($4.95) and mocha opaques.($2.95) It was tied together with black hemp ($2.25).

For the title on this I used the toy story cricut cartridge. Then the layout came out of the Magic book, which I found to be perfect, because I was able to put the Disney photo pass disc in the sleeve.

More Toes! In this layout the scarcrow picture is on a hinge, to allow you to lift it up and see another photo. In this layout the other photo is another scarecrow.

I would like to note this is a TINY portion of my October pictures, and most of them will actually be done this month with the Dreamin' paper as it is more fallish.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Blog Hop

You read that right! I am gonna be a hopper. I will be hopping along with some very talented ladies with a technique hop. Every month it shows a new technique using Close to My Heart products. I joined the hop this month, but unfortunately it was right before they were going to be starting the hopping. So I have done the technique for the heck of it here at home, and will be posting it soon. ( I am waiting on posting it, because I used it for my card swap!)

Meanwhile, I wanted to give you a link to get you started on looking at the hop this month. The technique was ghosting. The Page you are going to start on is Rachel Ventura's, this is a very crafty woman, and my up-line. You can see what she did with ghosting here.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

great deal for you

So this month if you order $25 in stamps you can get stamp set great for the upcoming holidays for only $5... well I am about to make that sweeter for someone! the first person to order $40 of stuff off my website, will also get a half of pack of Roxi paper and the pair-a-phrase stamp set.(shown in the picture)

Were you one of the lucky ones that got this stamp set during the promotion? No problem, if your the first one to put in an order we will pick a better stamp set for you from my stash.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Art Philosophy- Gift bags

The cricut cartridge-art philosophy has become very popular. It is become of this I started holding one workshop a month dedicated to something that could be done with using the art philosophy cartridge.
The gift bags were so popular I even am using them as a project at gatherings. They are great because you don't need a lot of materials to dress them up.

The bags below are all of 3x3 size for height (excluding handles) and length. To get them to this size, use a 12x12 sheet with the cricut, and tell it to fit to page.You will then have a strip of 5"x12" remaining. I cut this off and turn it in to 3"x3" cards to go with the bags.

These bags for the holidays are great for secret santas, teachers, therapists, doctors, casual friends and kids. The list is really only as limited as your imagination. This year I am using these for my children to hand out to their teachers and other adults they work with,  such as a speech therapist. Each with have a 3"x3" card and a bag of chocolates in the gift bag.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Liquid Applique technique

Liquid Applique can be used for several things. From an adhesive for stuff like fun flock, to adding dimension to your project. Most commonly I see it used as snow on winter projects.

Since it's a product that has been sitting on my shelf waiting for attention I figured it was time to see what I could do with it..... that wasn't snow! This is because we know it can be snow, but that can't be its limit.
So I turned it in to some nice whipped cream/foam on a cup!

This was the card I made with it.
To make the foam fluff up and give itself a snow or whipped cream like look all that is needed is a craft heater.
Apply the liquid applique in the desired areas, and then warm it with the craft heater and watch as it fluffs up!

**Another idea for this product is adding re-inker to it. (cheap alternative to this, if you don't have the Close To My Heart re-inkers, is food coloring dyes, for icing they have a fabulous selection at micheals.) 
Just mix the color in with the liquid applique before taking the craft heater to it.**

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Christmas Cards on a Budget

I absolutely love the stamp set she used with these cards and they are simple easy and cost effective.

Jayma Malme, Playing with paper

She shows you in the following link how to make some cute cards on a budget with Close To My Heart Products.

Step-by-Step Tutorial for Christmas Cards on a Budget