Friday, October 14, 2011

Person behind the camera

One thing I do usually notice when I scrapbook is more often than not, I am NOT in the pictures I scrapbook. This is because I am always behind the camera. While I love taking pictures, and I love all my gadgets to do it with, the memories aren't complete if we are always behind the camera.
So I can say it was kind of a blessing that the rain continuously happened during my family's vacation to disney and my camera broke a bit more. The reason this is a blessing is because, while I got my new nikon that is a huge upgrade to what I had during this vacation. (yay early Christmas present for me!) I did not want this camera to get water damaged so I kept it in its carry pouch the majority of the trip.
By not taking pictures myself I insisted we use the disney photo pass. I knew that it would cost me some money to get the pictures prints/downloaded etc but in the end would be worth it. It was very worth it as I utilized it enough that I got a ton of pictures put on a disc to use at my leisure and most of our memories have ME with my family on our fun filled trip.

A little rain didn't ruin our fun!

Excited for lemonade, cookies and fireworks!

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