Thursday, September 29, 2011


Cards are a great way to say Hi, or I was thinking of you today. Especially in the fast paced world of today. Technology has us moving faster and faster, and while we have our phone readily available with us, sometimes it is harder than we think to have that allotted time to just be on the phone to have idle conversation.Sometimes I think of social medias like facebook as my virtual phone, since they take over the endless conversations I used to have on the phone.
However even with the technologies and fast paced life of today, I still find that there is nothing more touching or personal as a simple handmade card to let someone know that you care about them. While this may be thought of for major holidays and birthdays, I find it even more special for the holidays that are less popular for card sending.
This Halloween I will be sending out cards like the ones below, and these 3 cards I am offering in a $10 card kit with 3 other surprise designs.
After my card workshop keep a look out on here for directions on how to make one of these cards in your own home!

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