Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In a bubble

I don't know if you have ever had this happen, but it seems to be a never ending cycle for me. (probably due to my college classes) Anyways, ever you ever been on top of everything, and then all of a sudden everything but this one thing gets put to the side and you kind of loose track of those other things and time.

SOOOOO happened with my calander, and typically happens to me about once a month. So I am gonna take a moment to thank my upline Rachel Ventura for making great month to month challenges. Since they are very to the point and you have a month to do them, it's something I can keep posted in my work areas to remind myself that stuff needs done asap!

Keep a look out the rest of my events are going to be posted on to my calander between now and december, and I will be adding the events to facebook.

*** due to seasonal activities in the area, some events may have a date change, but this will be announced at the begining of that month in several forms.***
This will allow you an idea of what to look forward to though!

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