Thursday, September 29, 2011


Cards are a great way to say Hi, or I was thinking of you today. Especially in the fast paced world of today. Technology has us moving faster and faster, and while we have our phone readily available with us, sometimes it is harder than we think to have that allotted time to just be on the phone to have idle conversation.Sometimes I think of social medias like facebook as my virtual phone, since they take over the endless conversations I used to have on the phone.
However even with the technologies and fast paced life of today, I still find that there is nothing more touching or personal as a simple handmade card to let someone know that you care about them. While this may be thought of for major holidays and birthdays, I find it even more special for the holidays that are less popular for card sending.
This Halloween I will be sending out cards like the ones below, and these 3 cards I am offering in a $10 card kit with 3 other surprise designs.
After my card workshop keep a look out on here for directions on how to make one of these cards in your own home!

Monday, September 26, 2011

End of the month order

Where did September go! The end of September is already upon us, and with that comes my end of the month order. I have to admit I don't normally advertise that I am doing an end of the month order, but its a great way to enjoy a little bit cheaper shipping.
Also I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone that chooses to get their scrap-booking supplies from me by giving you a hand crafted item with your order. So if you email me your order today or tomorrow so it can be placed by the 29th you will receive your order with a cheaper shipping rate, and a hand crafted item made by me.
This is also gearing up to the monthly online mystery hostess parties I will be having!
If you have an order even if it is just some glue, send me an email with your order so we can get it in with this September order.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Video techniques

One great thing about scrapbooking and card making is there are so many people that do it. Then add that with the technology of today its so easy to share our ideas. While I haven't started making technique videos, I do plan to some day in the future when I have a little less chaos going on day to day. Till then though I am loving being able to utilize these great videos other consultants make so show how great our products are.
This video shows you not only a little on how to use the cricut expression, but also an adorable fall card you can make using our products with the cricut, and our art philosophy cricut cartridge. Which you can purchase on my website.

Event comming!

This month is speeding by on me! and while I have been creating, I will be honest most of it has been on studio J. Lucky for you I am almost done with the project on studio j I was working on, and soon you will be able to enjoy it and hear some of the techniques I used in it!

For now though I want to remind you in case your month is going anything like mine, this Saturday is my open crop, this is a FREE event! This event is a great opportunity to meet some new faces, get suggestions for a project your working on, and finish a project or two that you are in the middle of. Its a great time to get creative and have that much needed mommy time.
If you can't make it but would like to join in on some of the future fun, please check out my events to the left of this page, they are on my google calendar that you can check out that will give you almost all the events for the rest of the year. ( still scheduling them ;))
Viewing my calendar will also give you a rough idea of when I am available for you to have a gathering to get free stuff.

So come on by at 2p.m. on Saturday for the FREE open crop! Please contact me to let me know you are coming so I have enough seating. ( this is also the way to contact me for directions or address if needed.)

Have a creative day!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

In a bubble

I don't know if you have ever had this happen, but it seems to be a never ending cycle for me. (probably due to my college classes) Anyways, ever you ever been on top of everything, and then all of a sudden everything but this one thing gets put to the side and you kind of loose track of those other things and time.

SOOOOO happened with my calander, and typically happens to me about once a month. So I am gonna take a moment to thank my upline Rachel Ventura for making great month to month challenges. Since they are very to the point and you have a month to do them, it's something I can keep posted in my work areas to remind myself that stuff needs done asap!

Keep a look out the rest of my events are going to be posted on to my calander between now and december, and I will be adding the events to facebook.

*** due to seasonal activities in the area, some events may have a date change, but this will be announced at the begining of that month in several forms.***
This will allow you an idea of what to look forward to though!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Monthly Newsletter

Every month I send out an E-newsletter to keep you up to date on the products, specials that are happening that month, some tips and techniques, plus my monthly events.
Here is this month's newsletter:


September is here!

Fall is here for some, and just around the corner for others. While My family is still enjoying the summery season in G.A. I know some area's are gearing up for fall. Also this is the wonderful time when the school aged children head back to school, and create a quite house for a part of the day.Labor day weekend is here, and I know it brings on many festivities to be done, such as camping, hiking, family outings and beach trips. Currently my family enjoys trips to the beach, park and zoo during this weekend, and this year is no exception. We have ideas jammed pack to fill it with fun! Here is a layout of a beach trip I took last labor day with my boys.

Techniques: I used a variety of techniques in this layout, to be able to replicate this or use these techniques on your layouts and cards there is a description/how to of each.

Stippling: Stippling is an art technique to make a lot of tiny dots to create an image. In this case instead of making an image, I stippled the sweet leaf (green) card stock on the left page using chocolate ink. Using the CTMH stippling tool this allowed me to do random stippling all over the peice of card stock to give it a distressed look. To do this you simply apply your stippling tool to your ink pad and then pat it all over your cardstock till you have the desired amount of stippling. The more you do the darker the stippling will become.

Scallop edges:The scallped edges can be seen on the Right page on the strip of red cardstock. To do this simply take the safety cover over your corner rounder and slide the strip of paper through it, making sure to line up the edges of each curve each time you punch. Easiest way to make sure you are getting the desired effect when first trying this is get a scrap peice of paper and have your corner rounder facing you so you can see where it is cutting ( so you are looking at the bottom of the rounder, and able to see the paper go through.) This will ensure that you don't leave gaps between the scallops.

Shadow Box: The shadow box with sand in it can also be found on the right page of this layout. For this I took a peice of cardstock and cut it to my desired size. Then I lined it's edges with 3-d foam tape. Next take another peice of cardstock cut to the same size as the first. Messure and cut out a window hole in this peice of cardstock. You will now messure and cut out of a Flip Flap the same size as the card stock and glue dot it to the back of the cardstock with the window cut out. Now you can put your sand or any peice of nature in the cardstock box that has the 3D- foam tape. Place the windowed cardstock on top of the 3D- foam tape, and your finished!

*** be careful of the amount of stuff you put in to this box and thickness, if it is bigger than the 3d -foam tape it will make placeing the second peice of cardstock harder, and it may not want to stick to the tape due to the item pushing against it.***

New Newsletter and info

With the great changes I talked about last month taking place, I have put together a few things to make it easier for you to get all the wonderful info from me still, and not miss an event or way to contact me. So as last month's newsletter below is my new info, please take a moment to store it somewhere since as of October the change for some of these will be permanent.


Facebook:Friend me here   and don't forget to like my business page, I hold contests on it periodically for hand crafted items, and CTMH product!


Starting Oct. a newsletter will go out via my website the 20Th of every month! You will get the following month's information sooner this way. This is important for you to note because that means you will get the October newsletter and November newsletter fairly close together.

Cricut Corner

This is a new addition to my newsletter! With the new art philosophy cricut cartridge available from Close To My Heart, I do not want to leave you cricut lovers out of the loop. In this section of my newsletter you can look forward to ideas with the CTMH cricut cartridge, tips and tricks to do with your cricut, and fun little things I have made using the cricut.

Currently our Art Philosophy collection is on back order till September 12Th! They will be shipping them out in order the orders for them came in. So please be patient!

Cricut tip of the month I would like to thank my up line Rachel Ventura for figuring this out!

Do not leave your paper on the cutting mat for a long period of time as the adhesive will glue the paper to it and you will need to rip the paper off then clean the mat. You may need to re-apply adhesive if your mat gets old, dirty, or just too many paper fuzzies. You can use our Memories Bonding Glue (The Blue Glue) to make your mat sticky again. Simply apply the glue when it is blue all over the mat and allow to dry clear and then your mat is ready to go again!

To keep the adhesive on your cutting mat last longer and keep from being gunked up with paper fuzzies, use the cricut scrapper on it after each use,then reapply the covering it came with. This will keep you from having to apply blue glue as soon to the mat, and then the blue glue keeps you from having to buy a new mat!

Learn what our cricut cartridge has to offer you Here

Autumn/Winter 2011 Idea book

Have you got your copy of the idea book yet? If by some reason you haven't and would like a hard copy of it please contact me to receive your free copy. Otherwise you can check it out on-line.

Paper of the month

This month during my events we will be enjoying the Roxie paper!


There will be layout kits in various price ranges, so you can pick the kit that works with your budget. Also options/designs for card making.

Stamp of the month

With this book the stamp of the month got easier and cheaper to get! This month is a very versatile stamp set as seen below. If you would like to check out some of the work I've done with this set make sure to check out my Facebook business page.

Constant Campaign

It's National Stamping Month!

During this month I will be posting up artwork on both my blog and facebook page made with the "pair-a-phrase" stamp set that you can get for FREE this month! This is 2 D size stamp sets coming together in one great package. This has a retail value of $35.90, but you can get it for free with a $75 order. By stocking up on your regular needed materials such as blue glue, a paper pack, accents, the Stamp of the month, and maybe a stamp set you can double up your stamping fun by getting this set for free.

You Tube

Check out you tube for great tips and tutorials for using close to my heart products including Studio J. Here is one of the latest videos going over studio j.


Every month I have events set up to give you a chance to get projects done and try out some of the new products. Below are the events I have planned for September, if these don't work for you or you are not in the area, please do not make that discourage you from getting a kit. I give detailed instructions with the kits so you can be successful at preserving your memories and making crafty items. Also we can set up a special time to get together so you can use my inks and stamps on your kit.

Jaguar Jamboree
September 9, 2011 5:30 PM- 7:30 p.m.

Location: Matilda Harris Elementary School

Free to come to, they will have events for the kids to do.

I will have premade cards and layouts for sale, along with a few kits.

Stop by my booth to enter to win a hand crafted item!
Open Crop
September 17, 2011 2:00 PM- 5p.m.

My FREE monthly crop!

Location: Acid Free Studio- contact me for directions

RSVP by: Sept. 15Th


September, 21st, 2011 10 a.m.- noon

Price: $10

Location: Acid Free Studio

RSVP: Sept. 15Th, limited number of kits will announce when I am out of kits via Facebook.

***I will pre-stamp this kit upon request in case you can not make the event.***
Roxie Paper Club
September 27, 2011 6:30 PM- 10:30p.m.

Price: 3 options: $10, $15, $30

Location: Acid Free Studio

RSVP: Sept. 15Th, If you RSVP but do NOT give me your choice of kit option you will receive the $10 kit.


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Friday, September 2, 2011

September is here

Fall is quickly approaching us, while it is still summer where I am at, I know the leaves are looking beautiful and starting to change in some areas. This is a great time to get some beautiful photo opportunities.
With September arriving there is a new stamp of the month as well!
If you spend $50 on an order, you can get this stamp set for $5.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

August card swap

So every Month so long as I am not ripping out my hair and getting ulcers from schools and life HAHA! I do a card swap with some fellow consultants.
This month masking/ ghosting  was the technique.

Below are the cards, and I gotta say they are all just too cute, and if you look closely every person did at least one of the techniques and they were all done differently!

Here is the code: