Friday, August 12, 2011

Christmas Cards

Just to let you all know this year I am offering to make your Christmas cards. While I will be hosting monthly events for people to make their own cards, I know some people just don't have time for that. Yet, there is nothing more personal than a hand made card. It shows not just that you were thinking about the person, but time was taking out to make this card personal.
So from now till Oct. 1st I will be taking orders for Christmas Cards. You are not limited on amount, just remember the price will go up.
All cards will come with an envelope, and will have sayings you pick. You can also pick the paper. Below are images of projects done with the papers you can pick from.

believe paper

wonderland paper

Pricing: I will not list every single price.
If you are wanting 10 cards or less they are $2 a card. The price per card goes down as the amount of cards go up, as I give you a discount for the bulk amount. The cards can range in price if you want lots of accessories on them.
So if you are interesting in hand crafted cards that you don't have to spend a minute on, please contact me today to get the price on your perfect Christmas cards!

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