Monday, August 1, 2011

Angry Birds!

I made  a cake for my son yesterday, which was an angry bird cake. That game has become one of his absolute favorites. So I knew the cake would go over well.

I had a general idea on how I wanted to do the cake, but did end up looking on you tube to see what some other people did. This also gave me a few ideas.

Now being that he is autistic and every past birthday has been a fail for this reason or another, he had a very small party with only the kids he plays with regularly. Also no one sang happy birthday, and it was an absolute success! He actually blew out his candle this year.
Ok the proud mom is out of me now! =)
While this is not scraping, I know most people that scrapbook, or are in general love with craft stores do several arts and crafts. Making this cake fitting for here. Below are 3 pictures, kind of stepped based on the process of the cake. I do not have the cricut cake but it sure does look nice! This was all imagination and remembering the game.

I would like to point out that I didn't size the cake appropriately to make the launcher successfully usable with the cake. Had I used a longer base to hold the cake the launcher could have been used to knock out the cake. The kids did try some and in the end used their hands to smash the birds in to the cake!

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