Sunday, July 3, 2011

Price break down

Ever wonder if digital or traditional scrapbooking is cheaper? Or perhaps which can allow you to get everything you want out of scrapbooking?

While I have given you info on Studio J, I have sat here and wondered have I really given you enough information, or perhaps the right information on this topic.
I can honestly say I love both traditional and digital scrapbooking. I love working on the traditional with my friends, and seeing what I can do with the layout. However, for my busy life I a lot of times don't have the time to just sit down and create. It is during those times I have found digital scrapbooking to be a life saver to play catch up with my pictures.

In the following video the explain the money, and the picture break down for the average photographer, and how studio j can be cost effective for getting the most layouts done.

I would like to thank Amy for making this fabulous video explaining studio j.

If you find this video inspiring and than being a hobbyist with a discount is for you, there is no need to wait you can become a consultant here.

Go to Studio J now and try it out!

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