Monday, June 13, 2011

What summer has to offer

I gotta say I have been loving summer already. Though a part of me feels like we haven't done a lot, and we don't currently have any vacations or big family trips planned I am ok with that.
This summer has brought us to swim lessons, a beach trip,and a fun Dream Night under the stars at the zoo. So the picture opportunities have been plenty, and I know we still have the 4th, and Aiden's birthday before school starts. Can't wait to see the picture opportunities from this.

Swim lessons have brought me to terms to getting a swim suit... its been many MANY years since I have had one, and boy it was time. The boys also both got life jackets this weekend. So the family has decided to make water events happen more often in our lives. woohoo!

Now the question is which paper to use for these memorable photos... what do you think?

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