Thursday, June 9, 2011

Studio J

Digital scrap-booking has become popular over the last year or so. As technology has advanced it has allowed this to become more and more detailed and intricate like a "traditional" or hand made scrap-book. Also with technology it has allowed the print and picture quality to look fantastic.

While if you look at my products that I have hand made, or in the Close To My Heart Idea book you will still mainly see traditional scrap-booking, card making, and stamping. We do however have a great FREE program for digital scrap-booking.... Studio J.

On top of it being free it is also user friendly. You do not have to be super technologically savvy to use this program. To show you how easy it is, I have included a video below made by the people at corporate on how to use studio j.

Having used this program several times, I can whip out a few layouts within 30 minutes no problem. Do not be discouraged if it takes you 30 minutes to do your first layout in Studio J, because it will get quicker. This all means that you get more layouts done in less time, giving you more time for all the things that are important in your life, while still being able to preserve your memories ANYWHERE!

I have wrote on studio J previously, please look at those for more information. Also if you have tested Studio J, and like it but want to know more, then keep a look out for my next post: Did you know?... Studio J

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